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Help Anna's recovery

  • Update - 23 February 2021

      23 February 2021

    Thanks again for those who have continued to pray and send best wishes to Anna.

    I visited her last week in hospital and she is doing well. She is more mobile which means she can get outside and get some fresh air. She still has a long road ahead of her so please continue to pray for her. She is has a positive attitude but is also frustrated which is understandable.

    Thanks again for all your kind donations and thoughts/prayers.

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  • Update on Anna - 12 February 2021

      12 February 2021

    Hi everyone,

    Anna is doing well and has now been moved to Hutt Hospital. She continues to make good progress with her recovery although the road is still long. She has a great positive attitude and feels so blessed with all the care and kindness that has been shown.

    She has spoken with the media so if you get a chance, check out NZ Herald so check out the article if you can.

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    • 13/02/2021 by Kent

      Awesome news Anna, all the best to your recovery.

  • Update on Anna - 10 February 2021

      10 February 2021

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks again for your generous donations towards Anna's recovery.

    I visited Anna in hospital on Friday night and she looked remarkably well considering what she has been through.

    She is on the mend and is hoping to be transferred to Hutt Hospital this week after a few checks have been made on some niggly issues.

    She is feeling so thankful and blessed by everyone's care, concern and generosity.

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    • 10/02/2021 by Louise

      It's so good to read about Anna's recovery from such a traumatic event.

      and it's great to see the total of $12,000 in donations.

      She and her loved ones have been in my thoughts.

      God bless all involved - Be well, and be happy. :)

  • Update on Anna - 4 February 2021

      4 February 2021

    Thanks again to everyone who has given so generously to the givealittle page, directly to Anna and for all the prayers and well wishes to her.

    Anna had surgery yesterday and it went well. She is much brighter today and sends thanks to everyone for all their kind thoughts.

    On another note, it is great to see that someone has been arrested and charged for the hit and run. Great work by the NZ Police!!!

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  • Update on Anna - 3 February 2021

      3 February 2021

    Firstly, thank you all on behalf of Anna's family and friends for your overwhelming care, concern and generosity towards Anna and her recovery. Your donations have totally blown us all away.

    Anna is still awaiting surgery on her leg but had a restful night which is great to hear.

    I will keep this page updated of her progress and how her surgery went.

    Thanks again :-)

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  • Update on Anna and Thank You

      1 February 2021

    Thank you all for your very generous donations towards Anna and her recovery!!!

    The latest update about Anna is she is now going in for surgery to fix her leg tomorrow, and thankfully is being transferred to the ward later today. The Hospital have advised she is doing well.

    Please continue to pray for healing and a speedy recovery and strength for the family.

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