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Help Arlo beat cancer - Updates - Givealittle

  • Thank you for what you have done for our family.     27 March 2020
    Posted by: Sam Shore

    Friends, family, friends of family, family of friends, and kindhearted strangers,

    An enormous and sincere thank you to each and every one of you from Arlo, Indigo, Baby and I. It continues to astound us that in such a tumultuous and uncertain time for your own whānau you have shown us such compassion. You have gifted us possibility, hope and the resolve to accept only a successful outcome in our battle against Arlo's cancer.

    Thank you for what you have done for our family.

    Love, and best wishes for your own good health,


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  • Thank you      22 March 2020
    Posted by: Sam Shore

    This means so much. Your support, love and generosity is simply staggering.

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  • Dear all -     21 March 2020
    Posted by: Sam Shore

    All of those who have shared this post,

    All of those who have sent their love and support,

    All of those who have donated to this page-

    Dear Sam, Renee & Genevieve,

    Dear all of you,

    I don’t think there is anything I can write which can truly convey how grateful I am for what you have done.

    I am a very quiet struggler. I do not ask for help.

    I am a terrible receiver. I genuinely cannot let a friend buy me lunch, or receive a birthday present without feeling -guilt? Embarrassment? -no.

    I am not sure how to describe the feeling. The closest I can come up with is Unworthy.

    I was very reluctant to grant permission to have the Give-a-Little page put online. I have been actively avoiding anything to do with it- purely out of my inability to, and stubbornness in, accepting help.

    When Isla told me how it was going today, I broke down.

    I am so thoroughly blown away by the response. I am utterly, totally overwhelmed. This is by far and away the kindest, the most generous gift you could have given me and my family.

    Thank you.

    Thank you just doesn’t cut it.

    It’s not just the money- it is the support. The offers of ongoing support that we have received are incredible, both in sheer quantity and in the level of the support they offer. This level of support means the world to us. It means the world to me because I know now how unable I will be to help Isla after each round of chemo, as treatment progresses, as illness progresses- and that has been a great weight.

    The gift you have given me is simply beyond measure. It has left me reeling, elated and hopeful.

    You have, in your part, provided every opportunity I could have asked for to overcome this illness.

    But beyond this, you have provided for me certainty, that if I can’t, my family will be okay.

    There is nothing I can say, write or express to you that can convey how that feels.

    Thank you,

    You have truly made a difference and I will be forever indebted to you for that.


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  • Help Arlo beat cancer     20 March 2020
    Posted by: Sam Shore

    We are overwhelmed by the response. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared this. It means the world to us.

    This campaign is for Arlo and Isla MacDiarmid and their family,

    Arlo was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Arlo works as a contractor and is the sole earner for his family. His wife Isla lives with Best Disease, a disorder that causes blindness. Arlo and Isla have a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Indigo, and are expecting their second child in May.

    For those of you who know Arlo then you understand he is quite simply a beautiful person – genuine, selfless and generous to a fault. Asking for support goes against Arlo and Isla’s very nature. They give so much to others and as much as they want to just deal with this themselves, especially with the world as it is and everyone facing their own challenges - it's not possible. We have to step up and help them through this terrible time.


    Arlo’s cancer is an aggressive and very rare form of Salivary Gland Cancer. The cancer is in both parotid glands, neck and armpit lymph nodes and chest. He has started 6 months of intensive chemotherapy and hormone therapy and will then be reviewed to see if these treatments have had an impact.

    The bottom line is that Arlo and Isla need our financial support to help cover the costs of essential (non-government funded) medical treatments and the costs of living while supporting two young children. Donations will be put towards supplements to support Arlo through the chemo, nutritious food, to cover sick days and keep a roof over their heads. Isla and Arlo are also looking at Intravenous Vitamin C treatments and immunotherapy which is given to chemo patients overseas but must be privately funded in New Zealand.

    We must do everything we can to help. So please – dig deep. SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN WITH YOUR CONTACTS. There is no amount you could give that is too small or too large.

    All donations will have an immeasurable impact on this family for the rest of their lives.

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  • Wow     20 March 2020
    Posted by: Sam Shore

    Dear friends and allies,

    we are BLOWN AWAY by your generosity. Not even 24 hours and we are already halfway to our goal. Words can not express our gratitude.

    Please continue to share this campaign with your networks as that is the most powerful to get our campaign out there.

    Be safe and well,


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