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I say a big "THANK YOU" !!!! to "ALL" the help that can be given and "BLESS YOU" all.


Hi !!! my name is Richard and I have a "LEGALLY, REGISTERED, "ASSISTANCE/SERVICE/THERAPY/COMPANION DOG" named Jett and she has been diagnosed with cancer and we have been given notice that she needs surgery on the cancer, where if surgery is given, then she will live for another 2-3 years, where as if she isn't given surgery, then she is given only 9 months to survive. I am in my late 70's, a War Veteran and have a Hearing Impairment.

I have also been diagnosed with (OCPD) Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder - psychological damage. Jett watches over me with all those above issues. The costs for Jett's case including CT scans, surgery, medication, and following up appointments, is going to cost $20.000.00, which I don't have. It has also been proven that at the present moment Jett isn't facing any "SUFFERING or PAIN" associated to the cancer. Jett and I live on our own together and she is my everything !!! and so therefore I am reaching out !! Because Jett needs your help. I have also had Jett for 10 years. Jett has her own Facebook Page, ("Jett" Assistance/Service Dog), with 588 Group Members at the present time. Jett is also known by many, many, many people (in the hundreds), through out the Auckland region for the Speaking Engagements where we displayed Jett's role as a Hearing Dog.

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The costs will be going towards the CT scans, surgery and the associated costs after the surgery (such as chemo medication for several months, follow up appointments) the sum of $20,000.00 was quoted by the Oncologist.

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Simon 13 hours ago
Fiona and Mary
Fiona and Mary 18 hours ago
All the best to you Richard and Jett, lovely photo - hope you reach your goal so the little dog can get her treatment so you can enjoy each other a few more years. Best wishes, Fiona
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 1 day ago
Seen in Hibiscus Matters. Make sure to share to the Hibiscus Coast Community Page on Facebook! All the best for lovely Jett!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 3 days ago
Richard Field

Hi Guest Donor !!!! Jett and I may never get to know your name but in saying that we want to give you a "BIG" THANK YOU !!! for your donation, we also want to express our sincere appreciation to you for such donation. Once again !! many, many thanks and "BLESS YOU".

Richard Field
Sue 3 days ago
Speedy recovery Jett!
Richard Field

Hi Sue !!!! Jett and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your donation and show our sincere appreciation to your donation. Jett is at the present time on the road to recovery and we believe that she is heading in the right direction. The experts have also told us that they now believe that Jett has now been given the extra 2-3 more years to live rather on 9 months. That in it's self is great. Once again !!! Many, many, thanks for your donation. "BLESS YOU"".

Richard Field

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