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Help Bridie Take Her Next Leap of Faith - Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism Orlando, Florida USA.

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I have been accepted into the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism 2019 in Orlando Florida USA. I now need to raise $6000 to go #Faith.

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Hi I’m Bridie,

I’ve just completed my Diploma in Christian Studies/ Pastoral Leadership through Alphacrucis Bible College and a year internship at an Assembly of God Church in New Zealand in 2018.

I have now been blessed with my next step, which is an amazing opportunity!

I have been accepted into the Reinhard Bonnke

School of Evangelism 2019 in Orlando Florida USA.

28th Jan- 1st Feb but I'm leaving on the 26th of Jan.

They only accept 110 students from around the world each year, God guided me to apply and I have been accepted! But now I need to raise $6000 to go #Faith.

It’s a 5-day intensive training course with the best world renown Evangelists and Power Evangelists (People God works through displaying his power to save souls, helping and leading people into a closer relationship with Jesus).

Todd White, Brian Guerin, Michael Koulianos, Reinhard Bonnke, and Daniel Kolenda are just some of the many teachers of this course, they are all people who God is working through powerfully to save souls and improve the lives of others.

I will add a few short videos below as I know some of my friends believe and some don’t, so if you're wondering what I’m on about please check out the videos below 😊.

They will be teaching, praying over us and doing impartations (Impartation – giving and receiving of spiritual gifts from one to another through the laying of hands with the purpose of using these gifts to serve Jesus, save more souls and help others) before sending us back to our nations, I fly between NZ and AUS.

Because I have been studying and interning this year and was only guided to apply recently, I have been accepted but don’t have all the money needed to go, but God told me, ‘’Trust me, go!’’ So I followed, then I was accepted and God made sure the deposits I needed were paid too. I have stepped out in faith and am trusting God will back me up because he’s told me to go and this is the next guided step in my journey.

There’s not much time left though, so I was led to make this Givealittle for anyone who might be keen to help me take this next step with Jesus, so I can better serve God, save souls, help others and work towards for filling the purpose Jesus showed me when he saved me.

The Sphere God has called me to reach out into as an Evangelist is Health and Fitness which impacts everyone in the world, he showed me a vision of how he wants to revolutionize the way health and fitness is being done to better help people, save souls, lead people to Jesus and how the Holy Spirit can help people truly transform their lives plus step into their own God given purpose and help others. I was shown church’s and stadiums filled with crowds of people wearing fitness gear, and I was speaking and leading them to Jesus. I am also a qualified personal trainer and fitness class instructor.

God has shown me it will be a whole bunch of people united, who have a passion for Jesus, health and fitness and helping others and together they will achieve the purpose. I am called to evangelism so this course is an important next step.

Straight after Jesus showed me a vision of the purpose, I was led to notice a Hillsong Magazine Bible I had been given, then God told me to pick it up and open it and the page will show you, your why? – note it’s also a united group why? for this purpose in the future. 

In times where I have struggled God has told me ‘’Remember your Whys?’’ and it has given me strength to keep fighting forwards in faith towards what He showed me. My whys? are Jesus and Justice, Justice as described in the magazine Bible which God guided me to at the beginning of my journey and guided me to now share with you.

''JUSTICE - TO BRING TO SALVATION TO RESCUE. You don’t have to look very far to realize the world is full of injustice, and as God’s representatives here on earth, it is mandatory that we do something about it. Bringing justice reverses the effects of unjust acts that have gripped millions of lives around the world. It’s being able to lift a person out of a dominating influence or set of circumstances they’re trapped in; the very thing Jesus did throughout his life as seen in the New Testament”.

My prayer is that this ‘Givealittle’ would not only help raise the money I need to attend the School of Evangelism to better help others, but also help you believe and be encouraged that, no matter where you are in your own journey or what you’re going through, Jesus is real, he loves you, cares about you and he has a great plan and purpose for your life.

We all have free will and have to choose what we are going to believe and our own actions, so we need to make the decision to take steps of faith towards Jesus and our purpose, because there is an enemy that tries to lead us into sin and stop us through fear, doubt, unbelief, fills your mind with lies he wants you to believe to change who you truly are, and uses many other things and distractions. But Jesus is what’s most important and He is stronger, so when you choose to team up with Him, He can help you overcome any hurdles in your mind and life and set you free from the oppression of the enemy through the power of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God’s Word and spirit led friendships - Mark 9:23.

Having just completed my Diploma in Christian Studies, I’m going to keep following Jesus, helping in church, stepping forward in faith, trusting God, doing the best I can and even though I may struggle sometimes I will always believe and never give up following Jesus and what he guides me to do.

If you are led to give towards this next step/leap of faith in my journey with Jesus thank you so much! If not or you are not in a position to give that’s ok prayers help, I hope what I have written and the videos below encourage you in your own journey with Jesus, to keep stepping forward, taking steps/leaps of faith, trusting and watching God move in your life - Proverbs 3:5-6.

For photos check out the photo section.

God bless you and much love, Bridie. 😊

John 3:16-17.

Use of funds


The Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism Course.

Flights Auckland NZ Return.

Flight Orlando US Return.

Accommodation 9 nights (Traveling with another girl who has been accepted, who already booked flights so 9 nights).

Health Insurance & Visa.

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    Great to see you taking your passion for our Lord with his love for his children to the next level. Your an incredible person Bridie


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    All the best Bridie!


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$3,040 of $6,000 goal

Given by 7 generous donors in 7 weeks

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