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Help Carlie continue to purchase her medication for Multiple Myeloma

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I'm seeking financial support towards Carlie's ongoing medication that is not funded in New Zealand

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My mum, Carlie Somerville, was diagnosed with a condition best described as 'pre cancer' or 'latent cancer' at about age 20. Over the years this has never prevented her from making a massive impact on the world around her and living her life to serve, despite her slowly deteriorating health.

Over the last few years Mum deteriorated a lot further, resulting in quite a poor quality of life, and in January this year a bone marrow sample discovered that she had 70% myeloma cells in her body. This kick started multiple cycles of intensive chemotherapy treatments and a very difficult, unrelenting stint in hospital for a stem cell transplant which resulted in multiple complications and weeks in hospital.

Mum has done extremely well, and today got the amazing news that her cancer levels are so low they are now deemed "normal" or that of someone who doesn't have cancer - a fantastic result!

But the journey isn't over.

Because Multiple Myeloma is not 'curable' like some other cancers, she must continue on a medication to keep the very few deranged cells in her body at bay. This medication is called lenalidomide.

Unfortunately, the medication she needs isn't funded in New Zealand. So we need to pay for this medication each month for the rest of her life, because without it the chances of the cancerous cells creeping up in her body again are very high.

Her specialist speaks very positively about the results and outcomes for Myeloma patients with this medication, so we are feeling really positive about it.

Mum will probably be absolutely mortified that I am setting up this page, but I feel very proud of her, of all she has done and all she has gone through in the past year to achieve this outcome.

She has given so much to others her entire life that I believe there will be a few of you out there who may want to give back.

On behalf of myself and my family, we are very grateful for any support all of our loving friends and family have provided and thank God for the blessing my mother is and will continue to be.

Chelsea Botting's involvement (page creator)

I am Carlie's daughter

Use of funds

All funds will go toward buying the medication that Carlie needs to keep taking. If the medication becomes funded by pharmac one day, any excess money will go to Empower Asia

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Love to you and your whanau, Carlie xxx

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