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Help Christchurch refugee families and community sponsor groups after the shootings

Cause page created in the Community category by Hannah Smith-Frank for "The Christchurch community sponsorship of refugees group, organised by South West Baptist Church"

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Support the power of community. Please help Nick and others to rebuild, grow and enable more refugee families to strengthen communities.

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Hearing Nick Regnault talk about the way his Christchurch community has been transformed by sponsoring three refugee families from Syria and Iraq has really inspired me. I believe in the power of community, and so does Nick.

Nick and the rest of the community sponsorship group from the South West Baptist Church have bonded with these families, welcoming them to New Zealand, providing so much support to help them build new lives here...and in the process, they've strengthened their friendships with each other too.

Nick will tell you of these refugee's ability to transcend language with humour, he'll tell you of their warmth of character, their huge love for their families and the talents they've brought to their new home, Christchurch. These are some of the first refugee families in New Zealand where everyday community organisations did the welcoming and settling.

Tragically, some of the newly sponsored refugee families lost their lives in the Christchurch shooting.

Nick’s community was lucky enough to know and love them. They welcomed them here from Syria last July. They become friends, neighbours, a support network -- they became like family.

In their grief, this community is still thinking of others. They want to ensure the community sponsorship programme that these refugees came to New Zealand on can help others find safety. The love and bonds that were formed by this community are testaments to the strength of a programme that wraps newcomers in immediate, and long-term, support.

The money raised will go towards setting up a community-led group that can grow and support community sponsorship for refugees in New Zealand. The community would also like to be able to provide more support services for refugees that come to New Zealand and to grow the capacity of communities to be engaged in resettlement through training, development and international partnerships with sponsorship engaged groups.

Thank you for helping to strengthen our communities with love, care, connection, diversity and compassion.

Hannah Smith-Frank's involvement

I've been inspired by the amazing work the refugee sponsorship group in Christchurch has done, welcoming refugee families and strengthening their communities. This money will help them rebuild after the shootings, support the newcomer families and sponsor more.

Use of funds

The funds will help provide wrap-around support services for refugees, helping them to set up homes in NZ, find jobs, access language classes & more. Funds will also grow the community sponsorship of refugees programme through training & development.

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 23 May 2019


    Best wishes for your coninued support of refugees.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 23 May 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 18 Apr 2019



  • Debbie McCormack

    Debbie McCormack on 15 Apr 2019


    Terrible what happened in NZ with an extra sad edge for these families just arrived from years of trauma. My brother works in community sponsorship in the UK so I know what a fabulous thing you all do, Keep up the terrific work!


  • Tim Finch

    Tim Finch on 12 Apr 2019


    In solidarity with Community Sponsorship colleagues in Christchurch


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Paying to a verified bank account of Nick Regnault on behalf of The Christchurch community sponsorship of refugees group, organised by South West Baptist Church

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$400 donated

Given by 9 generous donors in 11 weeks

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