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Important Update - Pls. Help Laid to Rest - Juday's battle of Bacterial Meningitis and Hydrocephalus has ended.

  • Pleading for help to put her to rest     2 March 2021 New
    Posted by: Alice Lozano

    3 CT scans and 2 brain operations, wasn't enough to save our young Judy Ann. She passed away last night surrounded by her love ones. We appeal for help to be able to put her to rest.

    We thank you all those who have donated and we thank you again those who could help towards her medical bills and now towards her funeral expense. It is very sad to lose her at this age, but now I pray RIP Juday and may the Lord comfort you and your family.

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  • Prognosis - 50/50 Chances of Survival     25 February 2021
    Posted by: Alice Lozano
    Main image

    Dear everyone,

    Following from the last update, Judy Ann up to now hasn't come back yet and had undergone second operation on her left brain.

    The chances of survival had gone 50/5. This is Judy Ann after the second operation. The family is desperate for antibiotics to kill the bacteria. All sorts of apparatus are connected to her brain to keep her alive. The hospital bill is piling up there is very little progress because hospital is only operating on a cash basis which the family doesn't have so we is appealing desperately for help. Please share the page to your friends out there or your groups. I could barely put myself on their situation knowing the little chances she has got but I believe, there are kindhearted people here who would understand and we are grateful for any financial assistance that readers and followers of Givealittle can extend to the family. Thank you all.

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  • Operation of Judy Ann Veloria     23 February 2021
    Posted by: Alice Lozano

    Greetings to tall. I have just been updated by Roger Rocafor (Uncle of Judy based in Wellington) that Judy had an operation last Saturday. There was an imminent danger in her life already so she had to be operated urgently. Initially, things went OK but 3 days on, Judy still hasn't waken up from the operation. As a result, Judy needs to undergo for another CT to investigate further why she is not opening her eyes. This is a very hard situation for them as no one can provide a definitive prognosis until she wakes up and after another CT scan. While she is in ICU and unresponsive, she remains under observation and we pray earnestly that she comes out of it soon.

    For those who have lived back home, I am sure you know the cost of every procedure. Prior to operation, Judy spent almost a week at the ICU at a rate of 20,000 pesos per day plus medication bills, so around $600.00 per day plus any other unforeseen procedures. The operation alone is 300,000 pesos and the estimated bill is leaning towards $30K (NZ). So the bills are piling up. We are knocking to everyone's generous heart for urgent financial support. We would love if you all could help us spread the appeal and share the link.

    I will upload more photos later when I get the internet capability but I thought this update is important to let everybody know that the family is still desperate for urgent financial support.

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  • Urgent Appeal     20 February 2021
    Posted by: Alice Lozano

    I know it has only been few hours since we set this up. The family is in desperate need of financial assistance as the hospital would not operate without the deposit and they cannot transfer the patient to another hospital without paying the current bill. Please share and help.

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