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Lost GoodBye | The Black Box Short Film

  • Film Completion | Marketing     16 August 2020
    Posted by: Jongchan (James) Yang

    We are happy to announce that 7pm on Monday 24th August, we will release the film on our online platforms!

    We can't thank you enough for your donations that have let us come this far.

    With Auckland going back back to Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country to Level 2, online contents have become even more important tool to get people thinking and talking about this big ethical question our nation will have to answer at the referendum.

    We are looking for donors to boost the video on Facebook and Instagram to reach more people!

    If you think that this film could be useful to open more constructive dialogues about the euthanasia referendum, please help others see this video.

    Even a small help could make a big difference!

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  • Minimum Budget     30 January 2020
    Posted by: Jongchan (James) Yang

    All of the donation will go towards making of the film. The budget we have set is the minimum amount of money that we can make the film with. Any surplus would allow us to have better equipment, locations and etcetera, as well as marketing of the film.

    • Additional Crew: $1,800

    • Cast: $1,830

    • Equipment: $2,592

    • Art: $224

    • Wardrobe: $25

    • Make-up: $50

    • Locations: $2,100

    • Food: $2,050

    • Other fees: $533.50

    o Total: $11,203.50

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