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Help for Ingrid and family

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Raising funds for Ingrid's family to replace items lost in house fire.


Hi guys,

I've created this page to appeal to my wonderful friends and Kiwi family to donate to a personal cause. The money raised among us will go to a family in great need, who lost both their mom/grandma and their house this week - one to disease, and one to fire.

Some may know that my three siblings and I grew up having a nanny, Selma. She had been with my family since before my birth and stayed with them until I was in my twenties - she was one of us, and very much like a mother to us. We grew up side by side with her own children. Selma passed away this week from renal failure at the age of 60.

While Selma's daughter, Ingrid, who had been caring for Selma, was traveling to the funeral, Ingrid's house with all its content burned to the ground. Ingrid's 6 children and partner, who had remained at home, were not woken by the fire and narrowly escaped in the middle of the night with the help of neighbours.

Ingrid's family live on a very modest income, and do not have house insurance. While for some it may be hard to understand how someone can not have something so important, for those in South Africa living on the poverty line house insurance is an unaffordable luxury.

While I'm aware that under the conditions of Covid we have all become more careful with our spending, I am also conscious of how much we truly have, and what a difference a small financial donation can make in a horrific situation like this.

Without much thought we hand over $5 for a coke, a coffee, a chocolate; an amount that seems insignificant to us, but in South African Rand can really help this family.

And so I'm reaching out to ask that for those of you willing and able to please donate a small amount to help get this family the basic necessities to restore some quality of life. No amount is too small!

I cannot even begin to imagine what Ingrid and her family are feeling as they mourn the loss of both Selma, as well as all their worldly possessions. And while I feel quite embarrassed to ask for money, I also feel compelled to try to help through the avenues available to me - which is you guys!

The money will be deposited into my account, and I will ensure it makes its way to Ingrid and her family.

I've been reminded this week to count the many blessings in my life. And I consider all of you one those many blessing.

Thank you in advance guys and gals, and please take care out there x


Ance Strydom's involvement (page creator)

The beneficiary is the daughter of our recently departed, and dearly loved 'second mother', Selma; the woman who helped raise me and my siblings, and the best cook I've ever known.

Use of funds

Ingrid's family lost absolutely all their possessions in a house fire, and the money raised will go towards purchasing living essentials such as clothes, hygiene products, food etc.

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How is Ingrid's family doing?   26 September 2021

Hi everything,

thank you again for your generous donations that far exceeded my expectations and will allow this family to purchase the materials to rebuild their (modest) house! Can you believe it! Collectively we make a difference!

This page will close at the end of September so please be sure to share this with someone you think may wish to contribute to this family.

I believe what goes around comes around which means you all have good things coming ;)


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Anna on 28 Sep 2021
Angela on 25 Sep 2021
Sorry for your lose Dedri
Anna on 24 Sep 2021
With love and thanks for all the joy spread by Dedri. 🧶❤️Families are everything.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Sep 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Sep 2021

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