Help Gabrielle aka DJ Mechanical Girl beat her way through Lymphoma Cancer

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Seeking financial help for our vibrant incredible friend and mother of one who has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkinson's Lymphoma cancer.



We are creating a support fund for our dear friend Gabrielle who has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. This is a beloved friend, mother, sister and daughter who has always been the rock in everyone else’s lives and who has given abundantly and unconditionally to others throughout her life. A deeply intelligent, humorous and fun loving, originator, creator, dj, writer, business woman, entrepreneur and all round compassionate beautiful woman.

At 42 years, Gabrielle has a whole lot more to impart to the world! 

Gabrielle has an aggressive non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which has spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. This is fully treatable but means immediate action. Gabs  is having 6 cycles of very intense chemotherapy over the next 4-5 months. Her treatment is only available in Auckland  and because the side effects are so severe she has to stay in Auckland, rather than at her home in Whangarei. She needs care during and after chemo so thankfully Pat is with her and also Zane. They are staying in a small apartment within the hospital grounds for cancer patients . Covid restrictions and her vulnerability to infection means she can have no other visitors at the hospital.

Gabrielle, true to her character, is taking a courageous stance and facing this with a positive attitude to her “road to recovery”. Although those closest to her outside her son and husband cannot see her, we receive only the most positive, honest updates- sometimes with humour and beautiful words of wisdom. We know she has the ability to come out even stronger on the other side of this, yet we also know that she needs to focus 100% on her healing. Financial strain is one thing that she doesn’t need and one thing we can do to help when at times we feel helpless. 

Gabrielle and Pat have respectfully requested that they don’t receive direct messages to their phones or email, due to the risk of becoming overwhelmed. She is very happy to receive messages via this Give a Little page. Additionally her and Pat hope to post some updates to her progress along her road to recovery.

So it is with humble gratitude and appreciation that we might receive a little of your help. Even the smallest amount adds up to make a huge impact.

Amber Stephens' involvement (page creator)

Best friend and godmother to her son, Zane

Use of funds

Supporting the family's financial needs including her son, as her husband needs to give her full time care through chemotherapy.

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Good news today!   22 December 2021

Posted by: Gabrielle Leon

I got my halfway CT scan at long last yesterday, and the doc just handed me the results. It's looking good!!

All if the largest cancer masses in chest and left lung have significantly reduced, the smallest little ones that were cropping up in my right lung etc have completely gone, and no new disease to be seen. Organs in good shape. YAY!! Just had to share the good news right away, and say once again, THANK YOU for your amazing support and positrons during this wild ride.

8 more weeks!

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Delwynne on 09 Jan 2022
DJ Lucid wants to reach back to a powerful empowered radiant Sis-star & brother during a time of ultimate awakening, spirited resurgence & invigorated love for life. A delicate balance of playful creation and metaphysical physiology. Always a divine mystery at play. Infinite bond and souls unite. Sending my love & angels your way. Bear hugs forever. Arohanui Gabs & Pat. Aroha!
5494640001255608 on 09 Jan 2022
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 23 Dec 2021
Matthew on 22 Dec 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 21 Dec 2021
Support and love here for you Tanya Jason and Zane xxxx

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