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Help keep quarantined Afghan families from starvation as COVID-19 hits

  • Greetings and gratitude

      29 May 2020

    Kia ora and Salaam,

    We are approaching the end of this campaign and this is my final update to you on this platform. I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your contribution to the success of this story. At least one hundred deserving families receive your generosity with smiles and gratitude. Hopefully, you have all shared your email addresses when you made donations so I can update you with the rest of the story from the other side of the world, Herat-Afghanistan and more importantly to stay in touch with you. For now, have an amazing weekend and thank you so much on behalf of the many people that benefit from your sharing.

    Warmest regards, Tariq

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  • Why we keep this page open till 31st of May

      16 May 2020

    Kia ora all,

    Hope all goes well!

    Just writing to update you on why I have kept our campaign open till 31st of May.

    After trying to close the page the other day, Givealittle informed me that the funds would not be transferred to our account till 20th of the following month regardless of closing the page or keeping it open. Of course, it makes sense to keep the page open till end of this month, so more generous people have an opportunity to donate.

    Many thanks and I'll keep you updated,


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  • My interview with WHANGANUI CHRONICLE

      12 May 2020

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your generosity! I've been humbled by your support and kindness. Here is a link to my interview with Whanganui Chronicle where I stay with my bubble friends.

    Hope you are all doing very well,


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  • RNZ interview

      6 May 2020

    Kia ora everyone,

    Just thought to share with you that I had the opportunity to talk to RNZ about our campaign and to let you know that our campaign will be open till 12th of May.

    Thank you so much for your support and please feel free to share the interview with your contacts.

    Much gratitude,


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  • Open Goal

      17 April 2020

    Every $63 NZD will enable us to provide an emergency food package to a family of 5 in Herat, Afghanistan. We are hoping to reach out to hundreds of families.

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