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Help La'a and Dallas Asi after tragic terminal cancer diagnosis

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Please look deep into your hearts and help by donating so they can be together as a family through this tragedy without the stress money.

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For those of you that don't know La'a has been staunchly fighting cancer for the past two and a half years. Unfortunately, the last 12 months has seen La'a's condition worsen drastically and he had to quit his job. To La’a’s frustration his worsening condition has also meant he has been unable to provide the love and support he would have liked to his young children. As a consequence Dallas has been working full-time night shift and then coming home to get the kids ready for school and care for their youngest, Estella age 12 months. The older children are also doing their bit with Messiah aged 17 often caring for his younger siblings while his mum is at work and his dad is in hospital.


Last week La'a and Dallas were told the heart-breaking news by his doctors that he has only weeks to months to live. It was with a heavy heart and lots of tears that they told the tragic news to their 5 children aged 1, 8, 17, 19 and 21 years.

The cancer is attacking his entire body weakening his bones to the point he has broken bones in his back just from sleeping on a bed. The tumor is rapidly growing in his abdomen and now his body in only able to digest certain foods.


With the terminal prognosis Dallas has naturally taken time off work to be with La'a in hospital and provide support for the children.

Unfortunately, all of this has come at a cost. Dallas has no sick or annual leave left having used it all to support La’a during his illness. This has meant she has had to take Leave Without Pay. They are receiving minimal support from Work and Income to pay for their rent.

With a young family of 5 children to care for while dealing with the shock of a terminal diagnosis and no money coming in things are desperate. This Givealittle page is the very last resort for a family which has prided itself on never asking for help. It must be said they are still uneasy about doing this but we, their friends and family pleaded with them to allow us to set it up which they reluctantly agreed to.

Use of Funds:

After using all of her sick and annual leave to support La’a during his illness Dallas now on Leave Without Pay. All of the funds raised will be used to cover their living expenses and mounting bills.

Page created by:

Melissa Iosefa


Family ❤💚💛

All funds raised benefit:

Dallas Ngatuere


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Dallas Ngatuere.

  • $17,243.79 donated
  • 218 generous donors

$17,244 donated

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