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Help me become an independent member of my community

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I would like to raise funds towards hand controls in my van so I can have the ability to become a more active member of my community.

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I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 3 when I was 5 years old. My condition is progressive so this means it will slowly get worse over time. At this stage in the progression of my condition, I have the ability to drive a vehicle. Over the past 6 months, I have worked out every day for an hour a day to build up my upper body strength so that I can drive a vehicle.

The hardest part of my condition isn't the physical battles I have but the mental battles. One of the biggest mental battles I face is watching friends be able to jump in a car and shoot downtown or pick each other up and go driving is extremely hard, you know that you can’t go and get in their car or drive your own vehicle to meet them. Living in the country makes this even harder cause there’s more distance to travel to get from place to place and asking people to come over feels like a giant hassle. This is one of the biggest reasons I would like to get hand controls installed in my vehicle.

Another major reason I would like to have hand controls installed is so that I can get out and get a part-time job as a high school student so that I can start saving to go to University where I would like to study as an accountant. Having hand controls would allow me to drive to University each day, and maintain a part-time job as I study. Becoming an accountant is my dream job and this would allow me to accomplish my dream.

Ryan O'Rourke's involvement (page creator)

Colleen is Ryan's mum and I would greatly appreciate any support Ryan would receive for hand controls for his vehicle.

Use of funds

These funds will be used to go towards hand controls for my van, this means that I will be able to be fully independent, and contribute more to my community. If there any surplus money this will go towards maintenance that the hand controls may need.

Latest donations

Monique on 14 Oct 2020
Columbus Coffee Inside Mitre 10 Pukekohe Bikeathon. Keep going Ryan, we are backing you all the way!! Monique and Team
Lynette on 07 Oct 2020
Lynette - for Bikeathon 😊
Laura on 01 Oct 2020
Great to hear you’re doing well! Hope you hit the target!
James on 01 Oct 2020
Max on 30 Sep 2020

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