Help Megs get a Segway so she can keep up with her active kids!

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Let’s join together to help Megan, who has MS, fundraise to keep up with her active kids on a Segway and enhance her life!


Hi, I’m Megan, a 44 year old mum of three energetic girls (aged 12 and 9 year old twins).

We are fundraising to improve my quality of life by purchasing a Segway.

17 years ago I was diagnosed with MS; for the first seven years I was in the early (relapsing/remitting) stage but for the past 10 years I have been in the secondary progressive stage. This means my mobility has been affected, gradually worsening over time. I have been walking with a stick for the past 6 years, but am now at the stage where walking any distance, even with a stick, is difficult. MS affects everyone differently. For me the worse symptoms are weakness in my left arm and leg and the extreme fatigue.

What this means is that my ability to keep up with my young family is now severely reduced - and for a young mum, that’s the hardest part. My three girls are all very active with different sports. So my goal is to be able to take a more active part in our family life and do something to help my mobility.

Learning about Segways and how they have helped other people has been a real ray of hope!

Using a Segway, I’ll be able to get more involved in life - I will be able to get to the netball courts more easily to watch my girls, and not be so reliant on getting the closest possible park.

I’ll be able to watch them play Rippa Rugby too. These are often the hardest places to navigate, with all the uphill and downhill grass areas to get to the side of the field. I couldn’t stay to watch a tournament just the other week because the effort of getting just to first game, and then to the next had left me exhausted. That won’t happen with a Segway!

I could take the girls on a bike ride and keep up with them - I have always wanted to see the Orewa Cycleway!

We could take a ‘walk’ along Mission Bay waterfront like I remember doing when I was a child. I could join friends for walks on the beach too. Being able to do something like this will make me feel like a ‘normal’ mum and will be great for my mental health!

Even a trip to the mall will be less tiring and more enjoyable. At the moment any trip to the shops means going to one shop only and I rely on getting a disability park nearby. No park means no shopping - a nightmare at Xmas time!!

Having a Segway will also help me carry on doing the things I love to do to support my girls’ school. I have been the co-chairperson on the PTA for the past year and a half, and I’d be able to get around the school and attend our events more easily.

I know all this is possible, because I have found out that more than 120 people in NZ, including other people with MS, are already using them to help them live fuller lives. With its standard tyres on, a Segway is only as wide as a man’s shoulders, making it fit easily through doorways. But by changing the tyres you are also able to go off road, on grass and on soft sand. This means they can be used both outdoors and indoors if needed. I have been out to Segway New Zealand and spent time with the CEO, making sure this is right for me (see main photo) and using the ramps, I was able to manoeuvre it in and out of my car by myself. Being able to glide at the same pace as my family felt amazing!

I really believe that having this option to get around will give me a huge boost and help me fully take part in life again. If you are able to help in any little way with a donation, my family and I would be forever grateful.

Thank you

Megs x

Rachel McKenlay's involvement (page creator)

My gorgeous sister has been battling this horrible disease for years. She is, and has been for a long time, doing everything she can to prevent it controlling her life.

Megan isn’t looking for miracle cures here (though a miracle would be wonderful!) or seeking to do anything controversial. We are asking for help to fund a Segway for her so she has more options in physically getting around.

Megan often feels that she lets her girls down because her restricted movement and fatigue means she can’t do a lot or go many places. She doesn’t let them down at all! She’s a wonderful mum and person. A Segway would not only allow her opportunities to participate in more activities but would also be a positive mental contribution in not letting MS take away some small important pleasures that maybe the rest of us take for granted.

Megan quietly does so much for our school community, friends and family. This is a great opportunity to show her how much we value and support her. Please give a little.

Much love from me, my sister and our family xox

Use of funds

Funds will be used to purchase a Segway and accessories.

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You helped make this happen!  26 September 2018

Thanks to the amazing help from friends, family and people I haven’t met, we got there and I have picked up the Segway!

It will take a couple of weeks just getting used to it but after that you can expect to see me and Cecil the Segway out and about (or photos on FB).

Much love to everyone who helped make this happen - it is going to be life-changing for our whole family!

PS with the extra money raised through this page and events, I am looking into different treatments to help xx

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Di Costar
Di Costar on 30 Sep 2018
Koya family
Koya family on 21 Sep 2018
Can’t wait to see you on your Segway, Megan! Go girl! 😀
Lee on 19 Sep 2018
Good luck Megs you deserve to have and enjoy the best of freedom with your family.I have met you ask your mum who I am💖
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Sep 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Sep 2018

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