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Help Mika Fight Cancer

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Whanau and friends let’s come together to help our beautiful Mika with ongoing financial costs so she can focus on fighting cancer.

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A few weeks ago our beautiful Mika was diagnosed with breast cancer which has also spread to her bones. At 31 years old with a 2 year old child, this is the last thing that any mother or young woman wants to have to go through.

For anyone that knows Mika you will know that anything she touches turns to rainbows. Mika is not only an inspiring single mother but an amazing advocate for animals and has a soul so kind it’s hard to believe she has been through so much.

Even through this news and the daily pain Mika is in (due to her back being fractured from the cancer) she has remained so positive and like the warrior woman she is, she is going to fight this in every way she can.

This page is here to allow those who know Mika to help out a bit financially since she is no longer able to work. At this time while everything is still in limbo and while she is waiting for her benefit to be sorted there are a lot of outgoing costs she needs to deal with that she shouldn’t have to worry about right now. We want Mika to be able to fully focus on fighting this and caring for herself and her gorgeous son Bowie.

Literally every dollar counts and I know how many people feel like they want to do something to help but not sure what so I thought this is a way that people can come together and leave messages for Mika and a small donation.

Amy Jacobs' involvement (page creator)

This is my best friend and I want to do what I can along with other friends and Whanau to help her during this time.

Use of funds

* General expenses and food - as Mika is now eating all organic this is quite a cost to keep on top of.

* Alternative Natural Methods for cancer treatment which aren’t funded

* Anything she may need for herself or Bowie which is an extra expense

Latest update

Update from Mika on Friday 6th December  6 December 2019

Hi beautiful souls. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone and provide an update. Words can't even begin to describe how unbelievably grateful I am to everyone who has donated and left such kind messages. My family and I are eternally grateful for all of your generous offers in helping to save my life. I'm absolutely blown away, and there truly isn't enough words to say thank you, but do know that I thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul.

In terms of my progress, I have been super busy with keeping my health in check, eating only organic foods, super healthy and colorful, and mostly raw foods. Lots of juicing and eating/drinking some interesting things like baking soda and molasses known as a trojan horse to cancer, turmeric, lemon drinks, wheatgrass, watercress juice, amongst others, all known to help with fighting cancer.

Thanks to your kind donations I've been able to start getting intravenous vitamin c (which isn't cheap) but is boosting my immune system immensely. I have learnt so much in these past few weeks, I have been non stop researching.

I met with my Oncologist today with an interesting yet still unconfirmed diagnosis. They can confirm I have Her2 positive breast cancer, however they are now unsure if it has spread to my bones. I have been told that my case is quite rare and they have been unable to explain the scans. The CAT scan showed activity in my bones however the bone scan did not, they saw spots in my liver which at this stage, they can't confirm is cancer. So now they want me to do an MRI, hopefully next week to see if the cancer has spread to my bones and my liver. So I'm still sitting in limbo while I wait to meet with my Oncologist again on the 19th.

While it's still unconfirmed I am not getting my hopes up and I'm prepared for whatever news comes my way. The waiting game isn't fun but I've been waiting close to 3 weeks, what's a few more? In the meantime I'm going to keep up what I've been doing because I've been feeling pretty good, and the back pain from the fracture is improving every day 😊

I will try keep you posted as much as I can and once again, I thank you all so very much for all your love and support. Without your strength behind myself and my family I dont know where I'd be! Xxx

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    Hi Mika, I wish you all the best. Glen


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    Best wishes Mika


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    All the best. Thoughts are with you and your family during this time.


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$16,415 donated

Given by 323 generous donors in 17 days

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