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Christchurch shooting victim, help Haji-Daoud Nabi family

on 10 Apr 2019

Joy asks

Hi Aaron!I'm journalist with a Chinese TV corporation. I wonder if you could contact Nabi family for us to make an interview? Thanks a lot! My email: ph:0274584325

This question has not been answered yet.

on 19 Mar 2019

Emma asks

Hello Aaron, the Prime Minister has mentioned Haji Daoud Naji in parliament today and praised his final actions. I’m a journalist, I’d love to speak to Omar or Yama about this, this afternoon.

Please email if you can help me contact them.


Hello, this afternoon was not good.. as we had news of Hajis imminent return which was stressful, I will pass your details to Omar.

Aaron  Savage
on 17 Mar 2019

Bridge asks

I thought NZ’s ACC is covering repatriation and funeral costs - Jacinda Arden has mentioned it more than once in press statements?



I am unaware of this, however Muslim like to lay their dead to rest as soon as possible, I do not have full confidence that this would happen anytime soon. When someone dies there is a lot more cost involved than just burial. I have stated that money is “to aid” the family and help to get his body back to Afghanistan, there is a very real possibility that we will not get him home, I hope we do however if we don’t i hope the Nabi family can use the money to settle any affairs etc.

Thank you for your question.

Regards Aaron

Aaron  Savage

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