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Christchurch shooting victim, help Haji-Daoud Nabi family

  • Update

      1 April 2019

    Give a little have advised me “some people” have been asking what these funds raised will be used for. I have clearly all ready stated this but here goes. The money has been used to help immediate family of Haji fly to New Zealand to grieve with family. Also to “assist the family” in what ever way is seen fit buy the family. The remainder will go to Hajis wife to help her live as good a life as possible

    And again on behalf of the family we cannot thank you all enough it has definitely helped in this time of need.

    Regards Aaron

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    • 02/04/2019 by Simone

      I wish you and your family all the very best Aaron and hope you can all find some hope in your hearts for the future while remembering your Haji.

  • Update

      21 March 2019

    Today Haji-Daoud will be laid to rest, all are welcome, 1.30 at Bromley cemetery. I just wanted to say who I am, my name is Aaron, I am non Muslim and have been learning as I go. Unfortunately due to no support with visa application I have not be able to get family here in time to lay Haji to rest. The famil has told me Muslims have a 40 day grievance period, so it is still import to get family here to grieve, so I am glad I can at least achieve that. Hajis wife is not in a good financial position and it can not be thankd enough for all the love and support.. after flight of immediate family are paid for I am hoping there will be money left to support her, so please keep the donations coming in. Everyone your words have been beautiful and I wanted to especially mention our brothers and sister over the ditch (Australia) I feel the shame you are carrying as the attack was a citizen of your country. This is not your burden but his, hold your head up as you long with the rest of the world have showed how beautiful people who are good really are. Thank you to everyone from around the world who have donated, they have come from close and far. And to the people who have littl but still donate may you be blessed for your offering. God bless you all, stay pure as you clearly all are.

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    • 21/03/2019 by Mandy

      Your words brought tears....thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of this precious family.

  • Unfortuantly we are notgoing to be able to get Haji-Daoud Nabi home

      17 March 2019

    Everyone i am sorry to say we are not going to get Haji-Daoud Nabi home, however we are trying to get family from overseas here in time for the funeral.

    the police are releasing his body today, muslim custom is to bury within 24 hours so we are urgently trying to sort this, it is very stressful. we are hoping the money raised will be able to cover these costs. we are bringing Haji-Daoud Nabi brother and his family over. thank you all for your efforts, getting his brother here for his funeral is the next best thing that we can do for this family. i am currently working very hard with immigration and airlines to make this happen and will keep you updated.

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    • 17/03/2019 by Amanda

      Good luck hope can get his family here x

    • 19/03/2019 by Cheynae

      Hope they are all able to make it. Thinking of the family ❤️