Help patchy raise money to reach is goal of getting out of the homeless and open his own coffee shop

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Patchy's life took a drastic turn when his car, his home and source of income, was stolen. Homeless and with nothing but the clothes on his back, he began delivering for Uber Eats on electric scooters and found temporary refuge in a business's bathroom. When his scooter deal ended, he turned to begging on Queen Street.

His fortunes changed when he started selling hot coffee from a supermarket trolley, quickly gaining popularity. With the help of viral TikTok videos, including one from Lina, who offered to create a fundraising page, Patchy embraced the idea of turning his coffee venture into a legitimate business, Patchy's Coffee Limited. His goal: to revolutionize the café industry by offering hot cups of instant coffee for $1.50, filling a market gap for affordable options. With funds raised, Patchy plans to invest in a proper coffee trolley with contactless payment options and obtain necessary permits to trade on Queen Street, aiming to provide not only for himself but also for his community.

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a selling licence and supplies for the coffee shop

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New goal  10 April 2024

Since getting to 10,000 we have come up with a new goal of 20,000

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It is great what you are doing, so a small contribution from me. Please also consider adding tea to your cart(s). You already have cups, stirrers, hot water, sugar and milk so you could easily increase your daily sales and the number of people seeing any advertising on your cart(s). Offer "gumboot" for $1.50 (e.g. the cheapest tea bags you can buy from the supermarket) and "fancy" (e.g. Earl Grey and Green tea - bonus if people buy green tea for $2 they probably won't want milk or sugar!). Wishing you all the best.
Ailsa 10 hours ago
I’d love to see Patchy achieve his goal. He’s got a brilliant attitude.

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