Help provide a safe haven for rare and threatened native birdlife in Wellington City

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Help us protect some of New Zealand's iconic birdlife in Wellington by maintaining a safe haven adjacent to the Zealandia sanctuary.


The Trust owns Long Gully Bush Reserve (LGBR), which runs between Zealandia and the South Karori Road. Partnering with neighbours has added other parcels of land to give a total of 107 ha under the Trust's management. This is the largest block of privately-owned protected land in Wellington. The property is included in the “Zealandia Halo” (a buffer zone around the sanctuary in which pest animals are intensively controlled) and currently provides the only protected natural link with forested areas to the south-west of Zealandia.

Considerable progress has been made in achieving the objectives of the LGBR Management Plan - to encourage native forest regeneration and protect native birds spilling over from Zealandia. A comprehensive weeding programme is underway and networks of traps will keep animal pest numbers to low levels.

This effort has been rewarded with a wide range of iconic native birdlife present in LGBR, with tui, keruru, bellbird, hihi, saddleback, kakariki and kaka all being seen in good numbers.

We need on-going funding to avoid losing the gains made. The goat-proof fence must be maintained, the weeding continued and the traps serviced. Your donation will help us do this.

About us

The Trust was established in 1999. It owns a 65-ha property next to Zealandia in Wellington. Several neighbours have contributed parts of their properties to be managed together with the Trust’s land. The combined management area totals 107 ha and most of it is protected by QEII Open Space covenants .

The property includes open space of high ecological value and is being intensively managed to provide a safe haven for a range of rare and threatened bird species.

Use of funds

Maintaining the goat-proof fence, controlling pest plants, maintaining animal pest-control tracks, servicing possum and predator traps, occasional use of feratox poison to reduce possum numbers following reinfestation from neighbouring properties.

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Keep up the good work.
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Happy birthday Helen!
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Rachel Calvert on 20 Nov 2018
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