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Help raise funds for Denise's cancer treatment

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Denise is one of the warmest, kindest people you could ever hope to meet. Please help her fight glioblastoma.

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Within a few days of her wedding on 30th March this year, Denise Goodyer started experiencing symptoms of vision loss and disorientation. Following some tests and scans she was sadly diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain tumour, glioblastoma. Denise has had surgery to remove as much of the golf ball sized tumour as possible, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She has had an extremely tough time, suffering many complications and unpleasant side effects, but throughout her ordeal she continues to put on the bravest face and her brightest smile.

Having exhausted all available treatments through the New Zealand public health system, the family are now exploring other options for her through a private oncologist. She has recently started on fortnightly infusions of the drug Avastin. It is hoped that Avastin will help slow down further growth of the tumour, allowing her some quality time with her much loved husband, as well as with her family and friends.

Avastin is expensive and not funded by our public health system unfortunately. Denise worked full time prior to her diagnosis, but she has been too unwell to work since, so the hefty costs are eating into her savings, which she needs for day to day expenses. The cost of each of the first four fortnightly treatments is around $6800, and each subsequent fortnightly treatment will cost $2600. This means the first 12 weeks will cost approximately $32 400, and from then onwards it will cost approximately $15 600 every 12 weeks.

In their wedding invitation, Denise and Phil requested no gifts, instead asking for guests to donate to hospice – a reflection of their own thoughtfulness and generosity.

Any donation to help Denise and Phil through this incredibly difficult time will be greatly appreciated, as is the love and support that people are showing Denise.

Pam Isdale's involvement (page creator)

Denise is my sister in law. She is dearly loved by all her family and friends.

Use of funds

All the money raised will go to Denise and Phil, to help pay for Denise's cancer treatment. Any surplus is for them to be used as they see fit.

Latest update

Thank you for your donations!   16 February 2020

Posted by: Pam Isdale

Hi All

With our good news that Denise’s tumour is shrinking we are elated and convinced more than ever that we will beat this disease. We are now faced with two issues related to the cancer fighting drug Avastin that Denise is on:

1. We have to come up with $2,600 per fortnight, for an indefinite period, if we are to beat this disease. This is just for the IV infusion of 600ml of Avastin and a consultation. At some stage we will face the reality of having to stop this treatment for financial reasons.

2. We have paid the required $20,000 to the drug company for a lifetime supply of Avastin, but Pharmac does not fund Avastin so it cannot be administered in the public hospital system like other drugs.

How can you help?

1. Share this Give-a-Little page more widely - If we can raise $100,000 we can cover costs to the end of 2020. We have been blown away by the generosity of family, friends, friends of friends and people who do not even know us. Please help us now by sharing this Give-a-Little page link to anyone you can through Facebook and any other social media you use and by email to your contacts.

2. Help us lobby - We have no issue with having paid $20,000 for the Avastin drug. It is fair compensation for the drug company who designed this amazing drug. I have written to Auckland Hospital who say they cannot administer Avastin as it is not Pharmac funded even though the drug itself is now free for us. I have also written to the Minister of Health Dr David Clark asking why this is the case – I have not yet heard back substantively. It would really be appreciated if you would send an email to your local MP and or the Minister Dr David Clark or anyone else of influence you know and ask for Avastin to be funded by Pharmac. I will personally be contacting the media to see if they are interested in asking the relevant parties why this drug cannot be delivered in the public health system if it is free. The private oncologist we are dealing with is amazing and I have no issue with them. However, if there are any relationships or agreements in place that prevent Avastin being administered in the public health system then this would be of real concern to us. If anyone has any ideas on how we could investigate this other than going through the media and seeing if they can investigate this then we would love to hear your thoughts. We certainly hope that this is not the case.

Thanks to everyone for your support,

Phil, Denise and our families

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$28,025 donated

Given by 160 generous donors in around 3 months

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