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Help Sophia get her wheels

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Sophia has recently learned to walk, we want to get her an adaptive trike to help her build her muscles and do more things with her family!

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I am running the Boston marathon in April, I think it might be hard... so I want to use as an opportunity to do something for someone else. Because adaptive technology has changed my life, I am creating this give a little page to raise money to buy an adaptive trike from for a little girl called Sophia.

Sophia has infantile spasms (also called west syndrome), she is 5 and the spasms have meant that she hasn't developed as fast as most children. It's only in the last year or so she has learned to walk. She loves to go outside and to the park, but her muscles are really weak so she can't walk very far. The trike will mean that Sophia and her family (Mum, Clare, Dad, Ari and her sister Hannah who is 9) can go cycling together. The trike will have a proper seat with a back, a little seat belt and Sophia's feet can be clipped onto the pedals, so her legs can move and she gets exercise. It will have a push handle so when she needs it, she can use parent power.

The trike will make a huge difference and her family, they will be able to go out as a family, instead of one parent and one child. It will give Sophia a chance to build up the muscles in her legs, which will help her walking.

I think that she will love the trike, she doesn't speak yet, but you know when she is excited.

I would really appreciate it if you could help make the trike possible, I think that the trike will make a huge difference to Sophia's family and to Sophia's future.

Use of funds:

The trike costs $2500, if we raise more money than that we will buy Turbomed Orthotics fitting tools for Burwood and Otara spinal units and Hastings Hospital.

Page created by:

Diane Drayton


I am going to run the Boston marathon to raise funds to by an adaptive trike for Sophia.

My life has been dramatically changed by Turbomed Orthotic's technology, now I can run and I am living a great life, I want to help give Sophia the same opportunity.

All funds raised benefit:

Sophia Toufexis

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Diane Drayton on behalf of Sophia Toufexis.
“Good luck Diane and thank you 😊”
“For your Easter pressie - I know you can't have chocolate!! xx”
“Every Princess 👸 needs some wheels! When there is a will there’s a way. Xxx”
“What a great cause - good luck Diane!”
“Thanks so much for doing this for Sophia - you are amazing!”
“Happy cycling Sophia!”
“Go well !”
“Have a great trip Di.”
“What you are doing for wee Sophia is awesome Di x”
“Thank your Di for what you’re doing for Sophia, we really appreciate it. We wish you all the best and can’t wait to watch your progress on the day!”
  • $2,500.00 donated
  • 25 generous donors

$2,500 donated

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