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Please help in the recovery and care of Dave Gaffar


Dave Gaffar was riding along a road in West Harbour when a vehicle pulled out of a driveway and hit him and dragged him under the car before hitting the fence on side of road. He was rushed to hospital and had very little chance of survival. But he got through, however sustained multiple serious injuries including 12 broken ribs in back, broken pelvis, lost one kidney, lost his spleen, with concerns about his liver and believe he may be wheelchair bound for up to six months . These injuries left Dave unable to work in his lawn maintenance business and he has two young boys to look after. He has no place to rent as landlords will not rent to him without an income although has help from work and income to cover the rent. He has a lot of physical therapy to work through before he can return to work.

Tracy Jensen's involvement (page creator)

I don't personally know Dave however felt I wanted to help him. Life is always hard but I believe in the kindness of strangers and how one person can impact on the lives of others. I want to see Dave less worried about the financial security of his family.

Use of funds

Dave is not receiving any ACC payments therefore has expressed his concern over having enough money to look after his boys while unable to work and putting a roof over his sons head.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Sep 2021
Great positivity - go you- you deserve it
AL on 13 Sep 2021
Sending prayers too
Rourke and Emma
Rourke and Emma on 13 Sep 2021
Cherie on 13 Sep 2021
Thinking of you and your family
Azam on 13 Sep 2021
Get well soon mate

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