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Help Support Scott in his Fight Against Cancer

  • Update from Scott     4 September 2019
    Posted by: Tessa O'Dowd

    Hi To All, just an update to let all the wonderful people that have supported me know how my journey in this challenge is going.

    At this stage I have finished my forth cycle of fortnightly treatments. So far I am coping with treatment well, with fatigue being the side effect that has hit me the most. In fact as I am coping so well I have had another chemo drug added to my regime to further add to the ammunition in my arsenal. I am doing well with this extra drug too but shock horror it will mean that my hair and beard is on the way out! No problem, it will just mean I can move about incognito for awhile!

    I have a scan in the next couple of weeks which will give me a more detailed update on my progress.

    The most important thing of course is that my family and I are doing well, staying positive and walking in the light as much as we can.

    The support we have received continues to humble and overwhelm us and the prayers and positivity lifts us up every single day. There are never enough words to express our gratitude. To know you are not alone in this challenge means everything.

    Together we have got this.

    Much Love and Thanks

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  • A message from Scott     4 August 2019
    Posted by: Tessa O'Dowd

    These last few weeks have been the hardest that our family has ever had to endure. My diagnosis came out of the blue and rocked us to the core. Nothing can prepare you for such devastating news.

    However what our family also wasn't prepared for was the outpouring of love, support and care that we have received since my diagnosis.

    Words cannot express how incredibly grateful and humbled we are by all the generosity that has been sent our way. There is a hard fight ahead of me but with all the prayers, love and positivity behind me I know that I am going into this with the best chance possible. To everyone that has donated to this page and sent messages of love and support no matter how small, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Every message of positivity is another string to my bow in this fight. Every little bit makes a huge difference. To know that we are not alone in this challenge means everything. Much love and thanks to you all.

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