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Help Kooge get access to unfunded chemo for brain cancer

  • We've extended the end date for this give a little :)

      19 February 2020

    Hi lovely people, end date for the give a little has been extended, as Kooge's need for Avastin will be ongoing, so fundraising will continue :) please remember that the $20k already fundraised is over the whole duration of the give a little page, and has mostly if not all already been spent on Avastin (so expensive) and other treatment needs!

    Thanks, Bex

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  • RIP John Jacob Martin Christopher Kooge

      25 November 2019

    Hi all, Michael Kooge here - I unfortunately have some sad news to share with you. As you may or may not have remembered, this Givealittle page was originally set up and intended to cover costs not only for myself and my treatments but also for my dear Dad, John Kooge who had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at the time - the funds raised and donated by you in those early days were going (and have gone to) helping both myself and my father through our cancer battles.

    Unfortunately, my father lost his fight with his cancer last week and was also laid to rest Friday just gone.

    My family and myself wish to thank you for your kind donations when he was battling his sickness - they meant a lot and really did help us with day to day costs.

    May he Rest In Peace.

    As for the future of this page and it’s fundraising efforts, it will still go on to support myself through my cancer battle, especially any and all future raised funds going to my much needed unfunded cancer treatments/drug “Avastin”.

    Thank you.

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  • You're invited!

      3 November 2019
    Main image

    Hi all,

    we hope you're doing well and enjoying the countdown to xmas/summer (wow how this year has gone fast!)

    Will keep this very quick - Kooge is doing well, trucking along in a "stable condition"... he has had some new cancer in his brain appear but luckily it is only small for now so the doctors are monitoring it while he continues on with his normal chemo regime monthly which seems to be holding it.

    On a more lighter and exciting note, Kooge was recently able to team up with an art gallery in Auckland and put on a Bucket List 35mm Photography Exhibition!

    This was a dream come true for him and has been a great success.

    Good news for you guys is that the run has been extended and goes until EOD Nov 9! So if you're in Auckland, you're more than welcome to come by for a look around and maybe even purchase a piece of Kooge's film photography (there are 25 beautifully printed, hand signed by Kooge, limited edition and framed works available for purchase at the gallery, with of course all the money going towards helping pay for his unfunded cancer medication). And if you're out of town or can't make it by Nov 9, simply contact the lovely team at the gallery (Artmount And Framing Matters) and they can sort you out!

    You can also purchase Kooge's photography prints via his online store: - they make for great xmas presents! (Use the code KOOGEME on your order to get 20% off + free world wide shipping!)

    For more on the exhibition and Kooge in the media recently, see the videos and articles below:



    Big love to all

    And thank you again for all of your support, it is hugely appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

    Have a great week ahead


    - Team Kooge

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