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Help to cover the hospital bills and send Mr Sharif home

Cause page created in the Community category by Rose Smith for "Mohd Sharif B Arifin "

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Help to cover some cost incurred as a result of Mr Sharif’s sudden hospitalisation and ongoing treatment whilst on missionary trip in NZ.

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Mr Sharif came to NZ on a Islamic missionary trip with his wife and 4 others on the 28th June 2018. They intended to stay from July until August 2018.

Unfortunately Mr Sharif fall sick shortly after his arrival into NZ. He was admitted at the Middlemore Hospital ED on the 4th July 2018 and currently being treated as a stroke patient.

A lot of tests has been done and it appears that Mr Sharif case is severely complicated by his respiratory condition.

Mr Sharif has no family in NZ, he is a non NZ resident. Currently his wife Mrs Sofiah is staying with him at the hospital. Mr Sharif’s family is currently in discussion with the hospital staff about his ongoing care as well as with the travel insurance to see if they will provide cover for him. As you can imagine this process is rather tedious and takes time and involves several people and paperworks, meantime the family is still in limbo and awaiting respond from the insurance company whilst the bills is increasing everyday.

Mr Sharif’s family intend to bring him home to Malaysia to continue the ongoing treatment as soon as the stroke medical professionals at the Middlemore hospital are able to discharge him. Mr Sharif will likely needing special assistance to transport him home too.

Can we all please make a contribution no matter how small to help ease the burden to the family to pay the hospitalisation bills and to take Mr Sharif home as soon as he is able to. I am sure any contributions will count and will be greatly appreciated by the family.

Thank you very much for your generosity

Rose Smith

Raising funds on behalf of Mr Sharif’s family in Malaysia.

To cover hospital bills and ongoing cost until he gets home

To cover general expenses for Mrs Sofiah whilst in NZ

To pay for bills to take Mr Sharif home

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Rose Smith


Mr Sharif is my friend’s father who came to NZ on missionary and fall ill not long after. He is currently at Middlemore hospital receiving treatment.

We do not know if his insurance will cover his fees at this stage the hospital bills are mounting and they have no family or means to pay for these as they are non NZ resident.

On top of the bills they also have daily expenses for Mr Sharif’s wife to go and back to the hospital, food, clothing all the general expenses.

The family plan to bring Mr Sharif home to Malaysia as soon as he is able to this needs a lot of money as it will require special equipment and assistant.

All funds raised benefit:

Mohd Sharif B Arifin

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Rose Smith on behalf of Mohd Sharif B Arifin .

  • $2,999.00 donated
  • 45 generous donors

$2,999 donated


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