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Rikki has recently been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Help provide practical support to his partner Nykalah and family

on 17 Mar 2024

Jayne asks

I saw the news item about WINZ wanting to take your money - have you considered using Habeas Corpus law to challenge this grossly unjust and inhuman decision by the government? The meaning of liberty also includes not being purposely kept poor by the government - not just being incarcerated. There may be a good lawyer who reads this, that will help you? It must be considered with urgency so you won't have to wait long to find out what judges decide. Or you could try a Judicial Review, any decision a govt makes can be challenged this way - again there are short waiting times for court and decisions. People who are poor do not have to pay prescribed fees - you just have to apply.

Kia kaha to all the sick and disabled Kiwi's - I live that nightmare too.

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