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Help us in the fight to "SAVE THE RANGITATA RIVER"

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Please be part of this appeal to help SAVE the RANGITATA RIVER and the associated SALMON run.

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The South Canterbury Salmon Anglers Association has appealed the consent granted to the Rangitata Diversion Race Ltd (a large Irrigation Company) to take more water (another 10cumecs) from the Rangitata River.

By taking this action with an appeal the focus will shift to the Environment Court where unlike the Consent hearing, evidence will be considered from Anglers, River Users and Environment Groups.

This should make for a more level playing field and with luck a good case (which we think we have) the outcome should be a lot better for the river.

We have had a tremendous amount of support from the community, however, taking a company to the Environment Court does not come cheaply and we are now asking for help from like minded persons through this "Give A Little Page"

So why are we standing against the odds!!!

1. As instream users we believe that the concessions made in this consent will be terminal and destroy the special activities of the mighty Rangitata River.

2 .That the Conservation Order credited to this river has been diminished because several of the special characteristics identified will be lost.

3.That the braided rivers are under attack and unless we challenge they will be lost.

4.The decisions are being made without research or proper due diligence on this river.

5. A major lack of interest by authorities to investigate the significant sediment build up on the river.

6. Major lack of interest by all authorities to protect migrating smolt and native fish of this Nursery.

7. The fact that this river has experienced major losses of fish and birds in recent times, has received no respect from the powers that be.


Use of funds:

The donated funds will go towards helping receive scientific evidence and putting together this evidence and also the evidence of anglers, river users and environment groups to put forward a great case for a perfect outcome for the river.

Page created by:

South Canterbury Salmon Anglers Association


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of South Canterbury Salmon Anglers Association.
“Thank you all for your hard work.”
“Good luck. Keep fighting the good fight.”
“All the best.”
“Good luck the Rangi needs your voice !!”
“Best of luck with this. Time to stop this madness.”
“Good luck you guys, wish you every success.”
“As if its not bad enough downgrading the Water Conservation Order, that 10 cumecs will go straight from the paddocks through the dairy cows and back to increase nutrient loading on the other already stressed rivers and streams further north.”
“Have seen my Opihi Orari Pareora Hinds Selwyn and Ashley Rivers destroyed over the past 40 years all in the name of progress ...... time for the carnage to stop”
“Save The Rangitata”
“Got to stop people raping public rivers”
  • $2,504.00 donated
  • 40 generous donors

$2,504 donated

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