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A big commercial company is threatening our environment and community by operating a quarry only hundreds of meters from our homes. Help!


We feel our our environment is under threat

A rock quarry was setup to help with building the Transmission Gully highway. The original consent was granted for this specific purpose and for a finite timeframe (to end Dec 2020 at the latest). We feel not enough residents were informed at the time of the consent application. The majority of those informed agreed because the operation would be for the greater good of the region, and short term. Critically, it was agreed that the environmental impacts would be remediated upon completion of the rock extraction. Transmission Gully is now largely complete and we understand the operator has most, if not all, of the material needed for completion. We know this is a positive for transport in our region.

Right now, at a time when the quarry operation should be carrying out work to support the environment and remediate the effects, as agreed, a new operator has applied to Porirua Council for a 5 year extension. Quarry operations can continue while this is considered. Fulton Hogan also advised some residents that they are also considering lodging an additional 35 year consent running to the limits of the district plan (significantly more than the first consent).

The problem with this is the effects on our community and environment from this activity. This includes truck and equipment noise, dust, underground blasting to name a few. Several residents are only 300 metres from the quarry pit!

What began as a short term, yet accepted inconvenience to local residents has now become a money making venture for a new operator to carry on for years to come.

If the new consent is approved, the planned natural habitat remediation will no longer happen in the near future - if ever. And, with a new quarry operator and long term extraction consent, we feel it is highly likely that the environmental impacts will increase as the quarry swells in size and scope.

We feel this is a case of a big corporate throwing their weight around with no regard for residents or the environment.

We have protected environment areas including Significant Natural Areas of native bush and streams - we are struggling to fight for what is right.

We need to do environmental noise and impact testing which costs thousands of dollars - any support is appreciated.

Use of funds

The money we raise will be used for independent noise and impact monitoring, legal fees and hiring experts in support of our opposition to ensure reasonable protections and mitigations are in place to protect and support the environment.

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We need more help to protect our environment  25 August 2021

The commercial quarry operator has now applied for the 35 year consent in addition to the 5 year extension. We are still fighting this with independent monitoring experts and submissons which cost a lot of money. Finding independent experts has been tough such is the substantial weight and power of Fulton Hogan.

We need more help to fight this and protect our environment - any support is very much appreciated.

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Richard on 25 Aug 2021
This seems completely wrong, and totally predictable.
Nadine on 25 Aug 2021
Steve on 01 May 2021
Terry & Judy Donald
Terry & Judy Donald on 24 Apr 2021
Thank you for the work you are doing for our environment and community
Susan on 22 Apr 2021

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