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Help us support Amie Cabral's family

  • ❤ 13th  August Update on Amie's Give a Little Page 😍

      15 August 2021
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    Hyrine, Amie and their baby Alas and daughter Anne have been part of KABALIKAT since 2019.  The Kabalikat Families are a small bunch of friends who have been afflicted by cancer or whose family members have gone through or are still going through a cancer journey.  We named ourselves KABALIKAT (meaning a shoulder to lean on) as we get our strength from each other, carers included.  We often catch up and get together to share our stories and experiences along the way.  We give each other support physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    We have been part of AMIE'S journey and have witnessed ourselves how strong she was, how loving and caring, how patient and kind, and how she has formed close relationship and friendships with people she meets, especially from the school of her daughter Anne and kindergarten care for Baby boy Alas.  Hence, we have initiated this give a little page for Amie.

    Moving Amie from the care of the Wellington hospital to Mary Potter hospice was a very hard decision for the family. It was a sign that the end was almost near. But Amie and Hyrine never lost hope.  She actually regained her strength during her first week in the hospice. Just by being with her children made her so happy.  Amie was at peace and always smiling and telling us that she was overwhelmed after speaking to all her family and friends in the Philippines, in Dubai and NZ.  She realizes that a lot of people loves her.

    "Amie, you are a beautiful soul and there's no reason not to love you at all. Thank you for being an inspiration, not only to us your Kabalikat family but for all people that knows you."

    We would like to take this opportunity, to thank all that have supported through your prayers, your messages of comfort and concern, and your most generous donations to the GIVE A LITTLE PAGE to help support the Cabral family.  Every dollar counts and will be a huge blessing for them to be able to cope with some of their financial needs.  If Amie's story has touched your lives, you have definitely touched theirs.  On behalf of Amie and Hyrine, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for your help and support.

    We would also like to acknowledge all the doctors, nurses, health care assistants from Wellington Hospital and Mary Potter Hospice, especially during the last weeks of her remaining days. You have cared for her so well and amazingly assisted Amie's family to go through this difficult transition of their lives. They are forever grateful for this.

    Thank you to all who have visited Amie, brought her food at the Hospice, prayed for her and cheered her up everyday.  Thank you to those that helped organise Amie's wake and funeral service and making it easy for Hyrine to focus on his grief and his children.

    "So long, farewell Amie, it is not yet goodbye but until we see each other again."

    God bless us all. ❤ 🙏❤🙏❤

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  • Amie's tribute and funeral service

      10 August 2021
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    🙏❤Schedule of Amie Cabral's service:💐

    🏠 Wilson Funeral Homes - 375 Adelaide Road, Newtown:

    11 Aug (Wed) - Viewing/Wake from 4:00 to 9:00 pm (Novena Prayers at 6:00pm)

    12 Aug (Thurs) - Viewing/Wake from 4:00 to 9 pm (Novena Prayers at 6:00 pm, Eulogies at 6:30 pm)

    ⛪ St Anne's Church - 22 Emmett Street, Newtown:

    13 Aug (Friday) -

    1:00 pm - Funeral Mass

    2:30 pm - Refreshments/Fellowship

    3:45 pm - Family leave for Harbour City Crematorium

    Here is the link for Amie Cayabyab Cabral’s Tributes page:

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  • Farewell Amie ❤

      8 August 2021
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    It was just yesterday that Amie was enjoying the chocolate chip cookies that her daughter Anne has baked at Mary Potter Hospice. She was smiling happily and felt very proud of her.

    During her last days, Amie hasn't requested anything special for herself nor did she complain of what she's feeling.  She has endured all pain and not showing her worries at all.  She was surrounded by her family and friends as they covered her with a blanket of their love.

    While the heavens were pouring out rain heavily this morning at 10:45 am on the 8th of August, our dear Amie passed away peacefully in the arms of Hyrine and Anne at the hospice.  While her spirit was still strong, her earthly body needed to rest and is now called back home to be with our Creator. She is now flying high with the angels and smiling down on all of us.

    Let's pray for Amie's soul.  May she rest in peace. Let us pray for her loving husband and beautiful children, give them the strength and courage as they go through this tough times and let them treasure the memories they have shared together. Let us also pray for Amie's family back home in the Philippines who couldn't be here by her side and that they may also find the strength during these sad times.

    On behalf of her family, they would like to send their gratitude to the overwhelming support everyone has given to their family, whether through generous donations, never ending support and loving prayers.

    Rest in peace Amie ❤🙏❤

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  • Amie's progress

      3 August 2021
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    Update on Amie's story...

    Miracles do happen everyday for Amie's family... little things like waking up grateful for each day, fun times with daughter and son, loving and caring times with husband Hyrine, and getting some outdoor sunshine on good days. Amie being able to show strength to others who are also going through the same journey is an inspiration.

    Because of her motherly love, she is enduring all for her children.  What a journey it has been for the past week for Amie. She has regained strength for the first few days in Mary Potter Hospice. With the overflowing love and support by friends and family, Amie is holding on and hoping to prove that it is truly difficult to make an accurate prognosis.

    Her body may be weak but her spirit is very much willing.  Willing to survive each day that comes along.

    The Cabral family are very grateful and appreciative to all of you who have given support financially,  mentally, emotionally and spiritually to their family.  They are actually overwhelmed that there are lots of good people surrounding them in their time of need.

    Amie has been in the Hospice now for 12 days. Let us continue to pray for her that she may continue to stay stronger everyday. If she would be able to maintain her strength for the next 2 weeks, the oncologist may re-assess her condition and make some plans.

    God bless us all. ❤

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