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Funds raised will be used to help his new little family through this very difficult time.

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"A diagnosis of cancer does not mean the end of a life it means a beginning of a new one."

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Brad is a great friend, an awesome son and such an inspirational young man. This past year has been the hardest for him, his family and friends who all love him dearly.

I remember this time last year we got the sad news that Brad had testicular cancer, it was a hard time for all his family and friends as he is still so young and has got his whole life ahead of him. He had the surgery two weeks after finding out about the cancer (24/11/16) and he was doing great. But not knowing if he would ever be able to have children was hard for him and his partner. On (22/3/17) he heard his grandmother had passed away and he was extremely close to her. Not long after (14/5/17) the devastating news of his fathers passing hit him really hard. On the (30/5/17) Brad got the most shocking news that he had lung cancer. He had to start chemotherapy on the (19/6/17) for 9 weeks and through it all this young man still smiled and was extremely positive. The (6/10/17) was the happiest day for Brad and Sinead lives, they had there beautiful baby girl Mila. "Miracles do happen" As his hair started growing back and things started becoming a little more "normal" again for Brad and his new little family he had a seizure (2/11/17). He had a scan and its back, this time he found out that he has brain cancer. Brad will be having his operation on the (14/11/17). He will also need to have radiation after.

He has honestly been through so much this past year and through all the ups and downs this young man amazes us all. He is such a positive, caring and just an incredible person, he is an amazing daddy to his beautiful little girl who is just 4 weeks old. She is the spitting image of him and she just loves him more then anything.

*** Update on Brad ***

So on the (14/11/17) Brad had his operation and all went well. He was just on the road to recovery when he found out on the (18/12/17) he had another brain tumour, and to add on top of this all its the same day is grandfather passed away. He had the operation on the (20/12/17). He is doing well and has started radiation (4/1/18). Once he has finished his radiation they are going to harvest his steam cells and storm them. He will then start chemotherapy on the (22/1/18) for several months. Once he has completed chemotherapy they can transfuse his own stem cells back in, in attempt to "reboot" his immune system. It will be a lot of in and out of hospital for Brad and his family, but through it all Brad is so strong and such a positive young man.

So please let us help him and his new little family by taking some of there stress and worry away helping fundraise some money.

Many thanks

Funds raised will go to helping with everyday bills as Brad is no longer working and we are not sure when he will be able to return back to work once he has had the surgery and radiation.

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Samantha Fletcher


I have created this page as this is my family and with the vision that sometimes it only takes one act of kindness and caring to change a persons life. All funds raised are for Brad and his new little family who is in need of some support.

All funds raised benefit:

Bradley Carey


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Brad Carey.

  • $12,388.00 donated
  • 137 generous donors

$12,388 donated

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