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David Downs

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Let's raise as much as possible to help fund David's treatment.

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Heroes Good Sort Cancer

David has been such an inspiration to anyone who has been reading his posts throughout the year. Let's help him get the treatment he needs.

The treatment is called CAR-T therapy, where the CAR bit stands for 'Chimeric Antigen Receptors', and the T bit refers to the T-cells in the blood, the so called 'killer cells'. These new CAR-T cells are basically genetically modified killer cells. The treatment involves making millions of them and reinjecting them into me to fight the cancer. The issue with cancer is that the body's normal defences (the T cells and B cells) don't notice the cancer cells, so they are free to multiply at will. It's as if the cancer cells were wandering around in disguise, like Captain Kirk in Episode 21 of the first season of Star Trek.

The CAR-T thing lets the T cells see through the bad makeup and poorly done prosthetics to spot the cancer cells, and then they can attack the tumour, and any other bad cells, as they would any other foreign invader.

Like Star Trek, it all sounds very futuristic and advanced – which of course it is. It's treatment that has been in development for a year or two, but which has literally only been publicly available for a few weeks, and only in the US. And only if you have a squazillion dollars. So, a few problems to be surmounted.

If you need to know more detail, then read David's latest post at

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To raise money for David's much needed treatment

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David is a long time business associate and has been such an inspiration to everyone as he fight his battle.

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David Downs


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of David Downs.
“With much love and best wishes.”
“With lots of love, thinking of all of you Helen, Raymond, Luca and Noa”
“Good luck with your fight.”
“Wishing you all the best.”
“Beat the bastard!”
“Wishing you all the very best for your treatment David.”
“Wishing you every success David as you kick this cancer.”
“David, I am a Double Hit Lymphoma survivor (4 years in remission) and I have read really promising things about CAR-T. If the treatment matches your wonderful positive spirit, then you will beat this.”
“Well, I really couldn't give a sh*t, so I guess this is the next best thing! (Context from the Boston article reasonably important here...) DD...I couldn't imagine being strong enough to chronicle and share such a journey, and in such an engaging way. More strength to your arm and all the best.”
“All the best in the US David. Great to see you at our awards this morning. Most of us would be buggered after that flight & there you were cracking the jokes!”
  • $147,585.02 donated
  • 1,243 generous donors

$147,585 donated

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