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I have created this page on behalf of Tammy Jackison.

On Jan 19th, 2016 in Whangamata, Tammy's 18 year old Kyle was the victim of an unprovoked, nasty assault by three younger teenagers, with a fourth filming the entire thing on his mobile phone.

He was grabbed by the first kid, punched and knocked down by the second and kicked by the third, all without any provocation on his behalf.

These boys are due to go to court to face charges in the coming weeks, but the ordeal is not over for Kyle and his family.

He suffered some bruises, and a broken jaw. He was due to get surgery on his jaw, but surgeons have said it is too dangerous and could possibly cause paralysis to his face so instead, he now has four screws in his jaw. One on each side of mouth, two up top and two down the bottom. They are connected to bands so that his jaw sets right.

The physical side of this is not all, though.

There is also the emotional side. The fears of walking in such a small town, staying safe. Most people in Whangamata know Kyle, or know of him. He is a well mannered young man, and a hard worker. This has caused a loss of work, which means a loss of income.

He has a lot of future hospital appointments, and with an hour and a half from Whangamata to Waikato hospital each way, it will prove to be hard for the family.

Our town has recently come together to try and help this family out, whether it is money donations, offering meals and child care for Tammy's other children, so this page is not only to help raise funds for medical care but to also try find any other means of helping this family and showing Kyle that he doesn't need to feel scared, that a whole town (and by comments online, a whole country and also those who have seen it abroad!) have his back.

NZ Herald article: article:

Jaimee Hadfield's involvement (page creator)

I am involved on behalf of the rest of Whangamata, who just want to help this family out in any way possible.

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Cat on 26 Feb 2016
Dawn on 17 Feb 2016
Thinking of you all xxxx take care peace out xxxx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 08 Feb 2016
Hi Jaimee, I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. It is very sad that three teenagers could do this to a fellow teenager. I hope you recover soon Jaimee and that you and your family can be happy again. One of your relations Jacky Bindon is my closest and dearest friend and this has upset her terribly, so I'd like to do my little bit and help. Good luck and best wishes for your future young man. Kind regards to you and your family.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 01 Feb 2016
Wish I could do more for you all xxx

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