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Helping Helen, Chloe and Angus

  • Helen's mum is now with her

      20 March 2018


    Helen's mum has now arrived in Dubai and is with the family, making an enormous difference.

    Helen and her family will need to stay in Dubai for a while. Then they plan to continue to the UK for the funeral, accompanied by Helen's mum and her partner.

    Thanks to several friends, Helen has everything practical she needs just now, and will be well looked after in the UK, too. When she returns to Christchurch, we will be ready to kick in with substantial practical support.

    Helen has read every single message she has received and they mean the world, so do feel free to keep them coming.

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    • 25/03/2018 by Andrea

      I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad your family are with you 🤗may the Angels watch over you always.