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Helping our amazing Karyn fight lung cancer

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Karyn is a non smoker who has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Please help us to continue her treatment which is unfunded in NZ.

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In late 2016, along with an increasing amount of young women, Karyn was diagnosed with non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma. She has never smoked, exercises regularly and eats a healthy and varied diet. She almost never drinks and if she does she may have a small baileys, so is definitely not deserving of this terrible disease. She has a 14 year old daughter named Danika and a partner of five years named Richie.

She had many tests before undergoing an operation to remove half of her right lung. This was covered under her health insurance and after a slow and steady recovery and another scan, the specialists were confident that this would be the end of it.

Fast forward a year on and Karyn went for a 12 month scan towards the end of 2017, which revealed the cancer had not only returned but it had spread to various lymph nodes and is now stage 3B which is inoperable and incurable. A further biopsy determined she is ALK positive which is a rare form of lung cancer which mainly affects younger, non-smokers. An anti-cancer drug called Alectinib is her lifeline and will help to prolong her life. Unfortunately Alectinib is not funded in New Zealand and costs $6,500 per month ($4,566 USD)!

Karyn is a genuinely kind hearted person who loves to help others. She once sold a used plant pot on TradeMe for a few dollars, but when she found out that the old man who had bought it had fallen ill, she drove for an hour and a half to deliver it with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates for him!

This beautiful young mum would love to see her daughter grow up and with even the smallest of donations you can help her to spend more time with her loved ones. Please don't give any more than you can realistically afford. Crowd funding is exactly that and we don't expect huge donations. If you do nothing else please share this with others and ask them to read Karyn's story.

Thank you!

Richie Galloway's involvement (page creator)

I am Karyn's partner of six years. We are best friends and I want to do everything I can to help her through this.

Use of funds

100% of the funds raised will go towards Karyn's continued treatment including unfunded drugs, administration costs and future care. Any surplus will be used for experiences for Karyn. In the case that things don't go to plan any remaining money will be donated to charity or another person in Karyn's position.

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One year On  23 January 2019

A huge thank you to all who have helped to support Karyn over the last year. She has recently had another scan and results show that the drugs she is taking are still doing their job. Kaz is still having to fund Alectinib in full at a cost of $6,500. Along with her oncologist and many others we have campaigned to Pharmac to help fund these expensive lifesaving drugs, but they continue to turn her down. We would like to keep this page open, so friends, family and other generous people can still donate to this worthy cause. Karyn has been busy living life and making the most of every day, with your continued support we hope for many more happy memories together.


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  • Marion

    Marion on 22 Jun 2019


    God bless yu and your family Karyn. Hope you have the strength to carry on> Calir of Air NZ told me of her visit to CHC to see you. Take care


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  • Ruth Davis

    Ruth Davis on 20 May 2019


    It's been a while since my last donation, so thought it was about time. Saw the article in the Herald the other week. Do you know for all you have been though, and are going through, you still have that amazing inner strength, independence, warmth and sense of humour. You are still so much like the 8yr old I met all those years ago. I think you are amazing the way you have shared your story with the whole country on TV and in the paper. You are practically an A list celeb in NZ now! :) There are so many of us that stand with you even if you can't see us. Much love to you and your family.


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$62,977 donated

Given by 506 generous donors in over a year

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