Predator Free 2050 from the comfort of your home! Enviromate100 technology helping you participate!

$600 of $200,000 goal
Given by 6 generous donors in around 12 months

Fund self employed professional contractors to actually catch pests efficiently.

Kaeo, Northland

Eco-land has developed an extremely successful automated pest system to help a contractor to be extra successful when delivering contracted pest control. EnviroMate100 was commercialised in 2017 with no State funds granted to support it’s development, manufacture or research, and in 2019 we self invested when it was stated (incorrectly) all contractors would be invited to participate within the N.Z PF2050 directive.

Eco-land now has enough technology to deliver 125,000 ha of pest control per year. Our work opportunity and sales within PF2050 projects has not been forth coming and DOC do not enable us to tender in competition against aerial 1080 work. We wish to use EM100 technology to protect the conservation gains already achieved by us within Puketi Forest to further decline the low density pests but we need the public's financial assistance to help fund the work.

For every $10 donated we will catch you 1 possum or rat from within Puketi forest and surrounds and record your catch with your name on a gps & waypoint on a digital map. For $40.00 catch 4 pests OR we can supply you with a single tanned possum skin token after it has been caught, skinned, dried and tanned. Your money directly funds those catching the pests with their own gear, it is not lost in non accountable State consultation, services and technology development!

Use of funds

Every ten dollars donated will capture another possum or a rat (or possibly more) from parts of Puketi Forest and surrounding landscapes. Eco-lands over all $200,000 goal is to capture plus remove 20,000 pest from the forest over the next year.

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Unit removal  3 May 2023

Hi last Friday the combined lines got another 22 possums from within Puketi regardless of the weather. 11 on the first line of 20 x EM100 units and 11 on the second line of 12 x EM100. I decided to pull all equipment from the forest and take a break until more help to cover the day to day running costs (travel and materials) is presented. Thanks a lot to those that have been supportive to date. Personally its both a sad and strange place to be positioned. To have built a business supplying ground based landscape scale pest control on the promotion and anticipation that contractors will be invited to help with the PF2050 ltd directives. Having enough technology to deliver pest suppression, rats and possums, to over 125,000 hectares per year but to find no work / projects are being presented for tender or contract. The only DOC work presented doesn't enable us to target rats whilst delivering possum control, we have no chance to display to them a complete system of multi species pest control. PF2050 Ltd suggested to achieve the objective within the time frame the country needs to be delivering control (elimination) to a new 850k hectare landscape per year. They started in 2016 and its now 2023 and the PF2050ltd web page suggests $100 million has been invested and a mosaic area of 850 k approx. hectares has been funded, though a much smaller area within those sites has actually received any targeted treatment. If supported across the years our company or the technology available sitting new in boxes since 2019 could have easily been worked to implement and deliver 500k hectares of control. Just imagine if other contractors with own tool sets were also contracted to work towards minimum residual targets what the combined managed area achieved could have been.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 21 Mar 2023
eco-land Ltd

Hi, that is a surprise another 20 pests funded, many thanks..... keep checking the updates.

eco-land Ltd
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Jan 2023
I am catching 1 every 6 days here on 4 hectares - that,s the reinvasion rate from my surrounding neighbours. Guess reinvasion is most of the catch until hunters start expanding their frontlines outwards. Right ? This is a good idea, involving people who are passionate about conservation and who are otherwise not be able, for one reason or another, to participate in pest control, and instead fund others to go and catch possums for them. I wonder who will end up with the biggest tally !
eco-land Ltd

That is good going, Pest's never stay put when the food is abundant next door........ thanks for the support.....

eco-land Ltd
Tari on 31 Dec 2022
1 a week for 10 weeks to start with !!!!
eco-land Ltd

Thanks so much for the support......

eco-land Ltd
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Dec 2022
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for your kind donation and for helping kick this into life. Merry Christmas to you from us at Eco-lands

eco-land Ltd
possum on 15 Dec 2022
Here's to making a difference
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for helping us get started

eco-land Ltd

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