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Sarah needs a helping hand

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Our 45 yr old friend Sarah only has 2-4 yrs to live since her breast cancer metastasized into her skin.

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Sarah would like to convey that she is thoroughly overwhelmed at the donations by everyone. Please accept this as a personal thank you from the bottom of her heart. She is sincerely grateful for your help and kindness in making this happen for her.

Sarah lost her mum to a stroke 2.5 years ago. They had bought a house together. She has been left with the mortgage and no one to help her at home.

A year later, at 44, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had chemo, a mastectomy and seemed to be on the road to recovery. She found employment and was ready to carry on with her life.

14 months after the initial diagnosis she was told the cancer had metastasized into her skin. It’s not skin cancer. It’s breast cancer gone into her skin.

She has been given 2 to 4 years to live...maybe less.

She is still working, having treatment and “keeping on keeping on” as best she can. But she is finding it difficult to make ends meet with the mortgage plus petrol and living costs. She isn’t always able to do a full weeks work as the lymphoedema in her arm hinders her and she has to go home early some days. We would like to raise money to purchase a compression pump which would help keep the lymphoedema under better control.

The house is very special to her as it is part of her very special mum. She also has green fingers and keeps a colourful garden with flowers and veggies and a small lush lawn. She has a very special friend…her dog who is a well trained and obedient pooch.

We would appreciate any donations for our wonderful friend Sarah so she doesn’t have to stress and worry in her last few years of life.

Dying in your 40’s is hard to comprehend.

The funds will go straight to Sarah so she can live without too much worry when her bank account goes to zero before her next pay. She has had to economize down to the last detail but still has a smile on her face even though she is struggling. She also has a bucket list she would like to be able to fulfill.

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Andrew & Meryl Crozier


My husband and I want to do something practical for Sarah. We have been friends for about 5 years. It was hard enough for her when her mum passed away suddenly without being diagnosed a year later at 44 with breast cancer and then to be told you are dying. We are there for her as best we can but we believe she deserves more. Thank you for your help.

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sarah grant


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Sarah Grant.

  • $2,140.00 donated
  • 44 generous donors

$2,140 donated

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