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Help Jackie secure her future with a start to a home.we would like this cause for a family holiday

  Nationwide Sick Kids Dream Awareness

Jacke was born with a rare liver disorder 03/03-04 while waiting for transplant she suffered a massive brain heamrage which left her blind in 1 eye and the mental age if a 6 yr old for the rest of her life she was transplanted in 2005 with a hep B liver ALL DUE TO MEDICAL ERROR .We just want a future for her when we are no longer here that she will never be homeless her beautiful sisters will care for her in the event that we are not here so please help Jackie have a life this money would go towards buying jackie a home the donations will go into her trust fund which we established 2 yrs ago for her when i was diagnoised with pancreas disease and having crohns disease since i was 15 yrs old .Jackie and the family have been on lock down for 9months due to the measels epidemic would love to take the family on holiday to relax and recoup

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I am Susan Meads, Jackie's Mother

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Funds will go into Jackie's trust fund.

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Family holiday  21 February 2020

Posted by: Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Jackie has had 9 months on lock down due to the measels epidemic we are off to Six60 Saturday night thanks to dad

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Latest donations

Donna Marie
Donna Marie on 16 Aug 2020
All the best to you and your sweet family.
Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Thank you so much Donna please stay safe xoxo

Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust
Kelly on 22 Jun 2020
Shine in beautiful family! You are amazing love from one of your PFE family x
Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Shine on and thank you so much

Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust
Kristina on 21 Jun 2020
I love you all. I wish I could do more. I pray thus helps
Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Love you too my Kristina

Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 Apr 2020
Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Thank you so much xoxo iin this time of uncertainty kia kaha

Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust
PFE family member 😘
PFE family member 😘 on 27 Feb 2020
Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

Thank tou so much shine on

Jacqueline Grace Mead Trust

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