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Please help Pete Saunders who has Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

  • 47 days on...

      12 June 2022
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    It’s been 47 days since Pete was diagnosed with AML

    Pete has just finished his 2nd round of chemotherapy following some brief but quality time with his family at home.

    As well as the chemotherapy Pete has almost completed the first month of the unfunded drug Midostaurin, (a 1st generation FLT3 inhibitor). Although this comes with many unwanted side-effects the latest test results have been positive. There is no longer any trace of the cancer mutations that Pete was originally diagnosed with - proving that the drugs are doing their job.

    The next treatment is a bone marrow transplant, for which Pete is awaiting results of a donor match. This comes with risk and is a procedure that Pete is not looking forward to, but all going well this will be scheduled for the end of July.

    Following the recovery from the transplant Pete will start on the unfunded drug Xospata (a 2nd generation FLT3 inhibitor) which is due to arrive in NZ in 10 days’ time. The medical advice has been that Pete should stay on this drug for 2 years which means approx. $500,000 is needed.

    Please keep sharing Pete’s story and this give a little page on your various social media platforms. The messages of support, sharing of personal experiences are all appreciated, together we need to do all that we can so that Pete continues to get the support and treatment that he needs.

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  • Securing the unfunded medication

      19 May 2022

    We've got some positive news to share - we have managed to secure the Xospata drug that Pete requires at a significantly reduced cost of $20k per month.

    However the projected costs are for longer than previously anticipated. Pete is likely to need Xospata for two years, potentially followed by a maintenance cost indefinitely thereafter.

    This means on top of the $50k already sunk into the first two months of treatment, Pete will need a minimum of $480k over the next two years with ongoing costly maintenance treatment after that to keep the Leukaemia at bay.

    The support for Pete through this give a little page has been amazing - messages, donations and most of all the sharing of the page through your networks to help Pete and his family through such an unexpected and trying time.

    Please continue to share the link on you social media accounts - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Every little bit counts!

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  • Pete's unexpected leukeamia journey

      15 May 2022

    Thank you for taking the time to read Pete's story, for sharing and donating.

    A brief update to Pete's journey so far.

    Pete has completed his first round of chemo.

    The first months’ worth of the unfunded drug Midostaurin, (a 1st generation FLT3 inhibitor) - has been ordered & received. Pete has started on these last week.

    An order is about to be placed for the start of the unfunded drug Xospata (a 2nd generation FLT3 inhibitor).

    We are so grateful for all the donations received so far, as they have eased the initial financial pressure of placing these orders. The drugs will be required for the next 6-12 months at the cost of $260,000+

    Thank you so much for all the support, please continue to donate and share to enable Pete as much time with his wife and boys.

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