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Join us in honouring Hiran Joseph's memory by supporting his family. #RememberingHiran


On the 2nd of January 2024, tragedy struck the shores of Karioitahi Beach in Auckland. Hiran Joseph, just 19 years old, was enjoying a swim with his older brother and a close friend when the waters turned treacherous. Struggling against a fierce current, Hiran found himself trapped, pulled by the relentless force of the ocean.

Five agonizing days passed before Hiran's body was discovered, washed ashore at Hamiltons Gap, 20 kilometres from where he vanished. For his family, especially his devastated brother who witnessed the harrowing event, those days were an eternity of fear and despair.

The family will speak with ACC to see what help they can get with these costs

We're not just seeking help for Hiran's grieving family. We're also calling for support to spread awareness about beach safety in New Zealand. This tragic loss is a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of the sea and the importance of understanding its dangers.

Your donation can make a difference—it'll aid Hiran's family in this time of immense sorrow - let's come together to support those in need

Together, we can honour Hiran's memory by advocating for safer shores and ensuring no family has to endure such a devastating loss.

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The Josephs, once joyful, now face an unfillable void. Christmas and New Year carry the weight of their loss. Shattered unity leaves them in ongoing trauma forever altering their lives.

Funds will be paid to Hiran's father Huxley

Use of funds

The donations primarily aid Hiran Joseph's family with funeral expenses, counselling, and financial sustenance during this challenging period.

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Gail on 22 Jan 2024
RIP Hiran, there are just no words 😢
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Guest Donor on 17 Jan 2024
Sasha on 16 Jan 2024
Dunidu on 15 Jan 2024
Sorry for your loss Akka. May he attain supreme bliss of nirvana! 🙏..RIP! 😥
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Guest Donor on 14 Jan 2024

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