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Help the Mill family

  • Update for the Mill Family November 17th

      17 November 2016

    Melissa and Matt would like to thank everyone for their incredible generosity over these past few days.

    The Mills are very overwhelmed with the amount of support from NZ in such a short period of time, and have decided to close the page for the time-being.

    This page will no longer accept donations, and the Mills are taking some much needed time to carefully consider how and where the extra donations will be honored to support the community affected by the earthquake. All donors will be notified in the coming days with details for distribution of donations.

    The Mills are so grateful for all of your support, and say that this disaster has brought their community together. Also the support from this page has meant the world to them. Melissa said that there aren't enough words to properly thank you all! Thank you!

    Here is a link to other active pages supporting the relief efforts in the South Island and affected areas:

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  • Update for the Mill Family November 15th

      15 November 2016

    The Mill family would like to express their gratitude for the support they have received from NZ. And they are feeling pretty overwhelmed and so thankful for all of your donations and kind messages.

    In these early days the Mills are still in the process of cleaning up, and still looking into how any extra donations over what is needed will go towards helping other victims. Early estimate from Melissa on what the Mills will need to recover is $10K-15K. Some possibilities the remaining donations are: Red Cross Earthquake Appeal, and the other families in Christchurch that were robbed on the same day. All donors will be notified with more specific details as we know more, but we will know specifics soon.

    A few things the Mills will need to be replaced are: Laptop, GoPro, ignition on Melissa's vehicle from attempted theft and a few other electronics. Matt's work truck mentioned in the Stuff article should be insured by the company.

    Again Melissa and Family will keep all donors updated as regularly as possible and want to make sure that all extra donations to towards helping the victims of the earthquake.

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    • 15/11/2016 by Cate

      Great to hear you're sharing any excess money. I'm not surprised as you seem really nice, genuine people. Stay safe and good luck with your futures.

    • 15/11/2016 by Karen

      $43000, I think it's time to stop being greedy. You're accepting money from people who have a lot less than you. I would be amazed if you gave away a cent.

    • 15/11/2016 by Rachel

      Karen, your comments on here are not called for. The people who have so kindly donated to this cause have done so on their own free will. This amazing family will definitely be giving away what they don't need to those also affected in their neighbourhood because this is the type of people they are. They are not greedy as you have stated, you are way out of line. Get off this amazing page and keep your negative comments to yourself you poor lady.

    • 16/11/2016 by Cate

      Oh dear, Karen. So unnecessary. I hope you bother to read Rachel's reply. We all give what we can, where we see a necessity. Once given, any gift is no longer ours to have any control over. It's totally up to the receivers' discretion. I have total faith in the Mills to do what they see fit.

    • 16/11/2016 by Tom

      Hi all - this is Tom from Givealittle here.

      A short note to assure you all that we are working closely with the Mill family to ensure that their intent to distribute funds over and above their needs is acted on, and that donors are happy and confident with any decisions made to that end.

      This is clearly a time of great need amongst our communities affected by the recent earthquakes - our goal is to honour and enable the generosity of those that want to help, as well as to ensure fundraisers receive as much support as we can offer.

      It's great to see both the immense generosity given to the Mill family - and it's also great to work with them in seeing their wishes met.


    • 16/11/2016 by Kath

      wow, just goes to show ugly does in fact go to the bone!

    • 16/11/2016 by Susie

      Isn't this the same family who originally lived in Gore and a few years ago a large fundraising campaign raised money to buy a special van for their disabled daughter then the balance was used by the family to go on holiday. The Gore community was very generous and now these people have set up a giveaittle page themselves to ask for more donations. What about the poor lady on the news tonight with 3 children and a totally distroyed house and all she asked for was water !

    • 16/11/2016 by Rachel

      Susie, yes this family was from gore and there was a fundraising concert held to raise money for their daughter with special needs as I am the person who organised this event. I am also the person who had control of the money raised and what it was used for and I can assure you no money was used on a holiday! Also this give a little page was not set up by matt and Melissa themselves, it was set up for them by give a little. Both the event and the give a little page were not requests of this family but acts of kindness from people that care and know the hardships and every day struggles they have. I'm not sure where you have got your info from but I hope this post explains the truth to you.

    • 17/11/2016 by Susie

      Rachel you are also related to this family so your comments will be biased. I agree with Karen, so many other people are struggling and have no home and some have even lost family members. This family has lost a few material possessions and will easily carrying on with their day to day lives. They have had enough money from the people of New Zealand so stop being greedy.

    • 17/11/2016 by Rachel

      yes susie I am related but I am not biased. i help where I see it's needed! Maybe you should stop wasting your time and my time with these comments and get on with life. As for greed, have you not read the comment from tom from give a little and also matt and Melissa's statement saying that the majority of this money will be given to others? Can't work out how that is greed???? Your negative comments and any others that people make on any posts are not helping the stress this family or any others are going through. Everyone needs positive thoughts and welwishes right now.

    • 17/11/2016 by Lydia

      I must say I am thrilled at the generosity from New Zealand for this family. What an amazing amount raised. If this family (and the others that were burgled) have insurance a lot of the expensive items will be covered. Which hopefully will mean this money could be put towards earthquake relief for those in North Canterbury. Perhaps it would be a great exercise for the kids to give up buying a new Xbox if it meant they could buy food and water for those less fortunate? Amazing that something lovely like this can come from such a horrible catastrophe.