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Homeless Brian and dog Luga need a van to live in and get around

on 19 Dec 2021

Jennifer asks

Hi there Robert, I've donated to Brian & Luga's worthy cause, I'd really like to send them a Xmas gift each though, could I courier to you to pass onto them? I'd like to send Luga a big bag of Vet-grade bikkies & treats, not sure what to get Brian, maybe a Supermarket voucher? Hope to hear from you soon so I can get organised. 🙂 Kind regards, Jennifer Hamer.


Hi Jennifer, that's very kind of you. You can send your gifts to this address and mark it "Gift for Brian" c/o Rob Brouwer PO BOX 106 Raglan 3225. Merry Christmas to you Jennifer - Rob

Robert Brouwer

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