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The Home of Hope

  • What a Difference You Have Made To Our Tamariki And Their Lives Well Lived

      4 October 2021
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    Each day, we are so grateful for the incredible difference you have made to the lives of young tamariki entrusted to our care. With your support and aroha, we have together made their time away from whanau a little easier. As you may know, one of our strong points of difference is that we keep siblings together.

    With this beautiful new home that the children have named Kauri, we are able to do just that. A sibling group is now residing in the new home and is caring for their new whare with a great deal of pride. We cannot thank you enough for journeying with us. If you would like to find out more about our mahi please go to

    Manaakitia a taatou kura pounamu. Building our children together.

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  • Progress just keeps building~~~~~~~

      26 March 2021
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    Say hello to 'Mikale', Classic Builders 2IC! 👋🏼

    Very grateful for the hard working teams who have made this new house build possible for the tamariki entrusted into our care for a season.

    Classicbuilders Nz, Cashmores Real Estate, Farmers Autovillage to name but a few.

    Lot's of amazing progress recently, insulation has been added to keep our tamariki warm 🌟

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  • Massive progress update!!

      4 March 2021
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    The Home of Hope is coming to life, hitting all build milestones and looking great ✨🤩

    We are loving seeing the build come together, all thanks to our amazing subbies, suppliers and supporters! They are doing this all for our tamariki and we couldn't be more thankful.

    Roofing supply: Gerard Roofs NZ

    Fascia and gutter supply: Steel & Tube Holdings Limited

    Roof installation: Precise Roofing & Spouting

    Windows: NZWindows

    Window install: Oceanside Joinery Installations

    Building work: Larsen Williams Builders Ltd

    Electrical pre-wire: ABS Electrical Ltd

    Ceiling batten supply and install: Battenman

    Scaffolding: Asset Scaffolding

    Learn more about our project, and donate here:

    #thehomeofhope #fostercare #kiwikids #fostercareawareness #morehomesformorekiw

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  • Such a Great Community! Thank you all......

      3 February 2021
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    An unexpected amount of funding in both time and product for our new home, for more children in need, has come from Classic Builders Tradesmen and Subcontractors. We cannot thank these awesome friends enough! AND from wonderful friends of Homes of Hope, which is outside of this Give a Little funding page.

    So, we are able to lower the number of funds we need to raise. BIG thanks also goes out to Cashmore Real Estate as they are bringing together their community to raise funds. Between us all, we will have The Home of Hope filled with children and love and healing in a hop, skip, and a jump. Thank you all so much for making this dream happen. There is so much need for these little voices that don't get heard enough.

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  • Some of the fabulous team overseeing our precious project!

      2 February 2021
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    We are so incredibly fortunate to have such a great team working for the benefit of our community of tamariki. From left to right: Blair and Kirsty Cashmore (Cashmores Real Estate), Kathryn Scholes (Classic Builders), Taylor Parberry (Cashmores Real Estate), Robyn Walker (Homes of Hope), Simon Robinson and Nathan Watkins (Classic Builders).

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  • Framing the Future for Bay of Plenty Tamariki from Hard Places

      27 January 2021
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    So exciting! This week the framing has gone up in a jiff!

    The children are so amazed at the whole process and CANNOT WAIT to see their new home that is coming to life. Classic Builders are doing an fantastic job and such professionals to-boot! Keep watching this space for more updates as they role in.........

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  • Whakanoa te whenua - Blessing of the land

      24 November 2020
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    The blessing of the land was a taonga. The tamariki were fully engaged, learning and seeing tikanga and having wonderful chats with our kaumatua. Seeing them all engage in their particular ways – for example – one leading the karakia; another inviting Kaumatua to have some kai – “You’re the guest!” she announced; seeing one child’s afternoon change from being very downhearted about his ‘bad day’ to at the end having a broad smile and a happy heart. “Has your day improved I asked?” – vigorous happy nods…. I could go on 😊

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  • The heat is on........

      20 November 2020
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    Let's turn the bar green - together let's build the Home of Hope for children in great need of care!

    Today, Nathan from Classic Builders and Hilary, CEO Homes of Hope NZ, placed the first green bar signifying a massive $25,000 raised to date, some of this has been achieved outside of Give a Little.

    Keep an eye on this page for updates on the build progress and watch the bar fill up, thanks to you.

    Learn more about our project at:

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  • Wahoo....and so it begins!

      17 September 2020
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    Yes, yes, yes, we are rumbling and rolling the turf.

    Spring is in the air and the first sod is turned over.

    Happy days are coming for many more babies and children to realise their dreams of a safe and secure surround to grow and flourish. Thanks to Nathan and Bryce and all the family and friends at Classic Builders.

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    • 17/09/2020 by RAY

      Congratulations to Classic homes and Cashmores for stepping up and doing this