Raising funds to give 22 yr old Hope a final chance of surviving cancer with alternative treatment

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Seeking help to give 22-year-old Hope the chance to battle leukemia for the third and final time, using an alternative holistic treatment.


My beautiful daughter Hope who has endured much suffering since age of 14 when she was first diagnosed with 'ALL' Leukemia. After almost 3 years in remission, at 22 years of age, she has now been informed by Dr's that her cancer has once again returned. Hope is truly an amazing girl, I should say young women but to me, she's my girl. Gentle natured and extremely caring. Hope has since the age of 14 received many years of chemotherapy, at times it has been very intense, many complications, much pain, loss of hair 4 times, her face has blown up from high dose steroids, damaged bones, tube permanently in her nose for feeding and eventually back then when well enough the challenges of returning to high school tube and all. As a mother and for her family it has been heart wrenching, for her twin sister Alice... There are no words for it. Incredibly it seems it has been Hope who has held us all up with her positivity, her ability to laugh, and her focus on continuing to achieve and enjoy life. A quiet girl with an extremely focused and strong mind, we all could not be more proud of her. These last 3 years in remission she has gained so many good things in her life; she has made great friends, travelled afar and gained a job she loves. Hope has thrived over having back the control of her life. In every aspect of her life she has truly done the best she can. With facing leukemia for a third time, Hope has made a clear decision to decline on receiving intense chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant. The odds of survival using this method are not in her favor. Hope now wishes to lay her chances with a holistic natural approach. If Hope is to exit this world she wishes to do this with dignity and as peaceful and a natural way as possible. To exit as Hope, not a beaten up, been through the mill version of herself. Time is not on Hope's side and we must act fast. As no treatment is taking place, the cancer is now taking effect on her liver and kidneys. As a family we all fully support her with her wishes. With research and in person testimonies to an alternative treatment that has had many successful outcomes in dealing with cancer, Hope has chosen this path. Ozone therapy is a commonly used practice in many countries, the biggest being Germany, in which it is not only used by by natural therapists but medical doctors alike. We do have this therapy available in NZ, unfortunately not a recognized practice, therefore unfunded. With this therapy along with other holistic treatments and a range of specific remedies tailored for Hopes' condition. There is a chance of restoring Hope back to good health and cancer free. We want to give Hope this opportunity to lengthen her life, and continue fulfilling her dreams.

Use of funds

NZ's biggest holistic clinic is situated in Auckland. The treatment itself is expensive, along with accommodation for weeks on end and because this is ongoing there will be return visits in continuing with this treatment plan. For any support you offer for achieving this goal, Hope, her family and loved ones cannot thank you enough for making this happen.

xox Julie Collings (Hope's Mum)

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Gouldy on 21 Sep 2017
all the best with your treatment Hope :)
JonoandAimee on 20 Sep 2017
Abbey Winskill
Abbey Winskill on 14 Sep 2017
All the best for your treatment Hope!
Shaun on 13 Sep 2017
Sending good vibes from Australia All the best with everything 😊
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Sep 2017

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