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Shelly Bay For All

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The fight for Shelly Bay is NOT OVER. We are needing YOUR SUPPORT to go to the Court of Appeal.

If you DON'T want:

• Dense high-rise (27 metres) housing on this important coast

• Construction traffic for 13 years

• Existing traffic to get worse

• Your rates to subsidise this development

If you DO want:

• To safely cycle and walk around the coast

• A chance to find a better future for Shelly Bay

• To park safely around the coast to access the beach for picnics, swimming, diving and fishing

Enterprise Miramar are now in phase two of our fight to overturn the Resource Consent granted by Wellington City Council for the development at Shelly Bay.

Enterprise Miramar is seeking financial support as Court of Appeal proceedings are expensive.

The Shelly Bay development is large in size and footprint and it will irreversibly change this part of the Peninsula.

The resource consent allows construction at the site for 13 years. This will impact access to Shelly Bay.

Use of Funds:

Enterprise Miramar is an incorporated society and all donations that we receive will be accounted for and subject to Enterprise Miramar’s rules as an incorporated society.

Page created by:

Businesses, Associations and Community concerned with the Development of Shelly Bay, and concerned that Rates Payers money is not being spent on infrastructure and roading that is badly needed in the Miramar Peninsula area.

All funds raised benefit:

Shelly Bay For All

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc on behalf of Shelly Bay For All.

“Sea level rise will be unpredictable. This sea-side development is at risk. it should be abandoned in its current form”
“Play by the rules”
“Don't give up. Thanks for doing this.”
“Thanks for doing this”
“thanks for leading and persisting with this important initiative!”
“I believe that this area should be left to age into the future. just like the Greeks have left the Acropolis and the Romans the Circus Maximus for later generations to appreciate.”
“Private profits and socialised costs...again!!”
“I want more thought put into the redevelopment of Shelly Bay than just a bunch of ugly apartments, years of construction, extra traffic on the peninsula, and expensive infrastructure upgrades. Why can't part of it go to profitable housing and shops etc., with more than just a token patch of land retained for community use? What about an attempt to preserve some of the character, history and culture of the area?”
“The more I view this boring, suburban, over developed, profit motivated proposal the more convinced I am that it is quite wrong and thoroughly unimaginative..”
“Thanks for the hard work on this monstrous disaster con-job. Hopefully successful. Wish I could give more.”
  • $5,795.00 donated
  • 60 generous donors

$5,795 donated



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