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my Chronic daily pain inspired me to start my at home Business. Funds above goal donated to urgent mesh removal patients.

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I want to start my own business to support our family and be a positive role model to the children. To prove anything is possible.

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Hi my name is Victoria!

My challenge this year is to start my own business despite my Chronic pan.

This is my story If you would like to take the time to read it I would be ever so thankful.

I suffer from Chronic Pain daily from mesh in my tummy, complications from a hysterectomy that sent my nervous system haywire and from meningitis that almost brought the end of me at 19 years old.

So for me some days are OK and others are disheartening, frustrating bed bound.

I do my very best to keep going and hide the pain from the children as much as I can but really some days I'm not able to function.

My husband and the kids are wonderful at looking after me when I'm low, they bring me water and hot water bottles and hugs, they are the best!

Because of the condition of my health and family commitments I'm not able to work away from home and I also need to be at home for the children while my husband supports us all by working.

So I had the Idea that I can work from home at my own pace and be here when the children need me.

I have researched and researched and I have found Buildbox which is amazing software that I can use to design apps, specifically games and start to grow my own Gaming design business.

I have always loved art, design, photography and I have gained my NZQA Cert Art and Design.

A few weeks before I started my BFA I had to have major surgery at short notice. This was a setback but I still started my BFA 3 weeks into my surgical recovery. I love creating.

Unfortunately as the year went on I was not able to continue as my health declined to the point that I was finding it hard to walk and I couldnt eat so I had to put my study on hold.

After being bounced around doctors and specialists with no real answers for years I was starting to fade away to nothing and to be honest I was losing hope.

I then met my husband. He helped to give me a voice again, he came to all my appointments and helped to get me the help I needed to deal with the Chronic pain caused by all sorts of issues.

He looked after me when I couldnt move, held my hand when I would cry all night in pain. He was my rock.

At the same time we also where given custody of his 5 children (aged 11-6yo) who where not in a safe situation.

It was and still is an emotional roller coaster for them and us. Together we all help each other through it all.

I also have a daughter (9yo) and we adopted two dogs. My mother also lives with us and her little dog in a unit out the back.

So that is 9 people and 3 dogs!

Our home is a hive of activity!

I want to work from home so I can still be fully involved if one of the children is sick I can be at home for them and if I am unwell I can work from my bedroom.

I want to be able to provide a better future for us all as my husband has worked so hard to support us all and I would like to be able to as well.

The funds I am trying to raise will give me a one year subscription to buildbox platform so I can start creating my game design company.

Any additional funds will go towards registering my business and anything left over will be donated.

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Victoria Bell

Manawatu / Whanganui

I'm Victoria Bell

I am trained in Art and design and just love being creative!

I started this give-a-little to raise funds for the software I need to create my own job/business.

I suffer from Chronic Pain.

So for me some days are OK and others are disheartening.

My husband works 4 days a week to support us but is not able to work full time because he is needed to help with the children and myself when I'm not able to.

I live with my husband Kieran, My bio daughter, my 4 Step daughters, my step son, our dogs Kujo and Gypsy in a little 3 bedroom house

My mum moved into a unit out the back with her little dog lucy mum is a huge help with the kids and the gardens shes a fantastic grandmother.

Its a very creative busy house!

Please consider me for a donation I will work hard and make a difference in our lives, a difference in the lives of the people that my business reaches and to inspire people like us!

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Victoria Bell.

  • $145.00 donated
  • 6 generous donors

$145 donated



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