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Ibrance is the first drug to reverse the spread of cancer in my body but it costs thousands of dollars a month.

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It was immensely important to me that before I sucked it up and asked for help I knew that what I was embarking on would work. I didn't want the situation of people giving me money for a drug that didn't work as I would feel the need to give the money back - that's how I walk the planet. Two months of Ibrance and taadaa, yay, my scan results last week show the cancer shrinking for the first time EVER and I sourced it at best budget price.

I have been defying death since mid 2015 when Stage 4 breast cancer kicked in. After a double mastectomy in Dec 2010, I carried on teaching and generally trying to be Wonder Woman, then whammo. Since 2015 I have had all the chemos on offer through the Public Health system. As each one failed the cancer spread somewhere else. You have to be strong to keep holding it together, especially when you know the list is running out! So no more chemo now, but by chance I had seen a documentary about Ibrance (palbociclib): $7000 dollars a month plus an injection at $1130 per month. However, I met a woman who is a member of the Metavivors group and found out if I flew to Malaysia, the same drug is $2800 per month plus injection!

Im sure he won't mind my saying, but my darling husband is 79 years very soon. We are living on one and a half pensions. I have taken out a personal loan so we could do the flight to get the drug - that nearly popped me. Fortunately as of this year they will now mail each batch to me with a $400 courier fee

I have thought about this a lot. If people were kind enough to make a donation once every three months my life keeps ripping along. I have made sure I have used my life to help others at every possible opportunity and I still have a lot of things that need to be done.

If my cause doesn't resonate with you, please keep searching for someone whose story does. We need to share the kindness, people.

Use of funds:

All money pays for the drug and injection on going. If I were to pop anything in the GaL account goes to Waipuna Hospice; a necessary organisation in need

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Joanne Rye- McGregor

Bay of Plenty

Thirty years grateful I live in paradise. I'm a HOM- Hard Out Mountie! Between 1990 and 2015 chances are I've taught your child or some wee relative at one of many schools in the TCC. I was the 'Waterline Lady' for quite a while plus have launched lots of little confident artists.

Stage 4 cancer getting worse and worse since 2015 has been a bit of a drag. I have so many loving friends I now get to enjoy because I'm not at work( haha, cancer bonus) The funded Public Health drugs didn't work over thee and half years. Now finally the cancer is reversing for the first time ever with a pay for drug but that whole 'only the wealthy are healthy' is being a bit of a leg rope. Can't do it alone so sucked up the Wonder Woman stuff and asked for help. Huggles

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Joanne Rye- McGregor.
“Good luck and keep fighting”
“I came across your page via a friend and I hope this helps xxx”
“I wish it could have been more. Love you guys! xxx”
“Good luck Joanne. Every little bit helps. We both think you are incredibly strong & wish you a remarkable recovery. Let this be the miracle we all hope it is. Lotsa love. Xx”
“Keep fighting Jo!”
“Hi Jo I am so pleased to hear that the Ibrance is working.....:) You look fabulous (as always!) xxx”
“Kick cancers butt you lovely lady. xxx”
“Good luck & God bless you”
“You're a star Jo!”
“Go for it Joanne! You have wonderful internal strength. Big hugs”
  • $18,825.09 donated
  • 165 generous donors

$18,825 donated

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