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SOUL travels to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

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Members of SOUL will travel to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to raise the injustices regarding the lands at Ihumatao and SHA62

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We are seeking donations to support our volunteers and committed members of the campaign travel to New York to present at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and meet with the Special Rappoteur. We would appreciate any support to assist our members who will be at the forum from the 26th of April to the 3rd of May 2017.

At issue is the unjustified confiscation of the land of Te Wai o Hua at Ihumatao which SOUL have been fighting to protect from development.

The Permanent Forum is the global peak body for indigenous right mandated through the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to which New Zealand is a full signatory.

The PFII allocates time for indigenous groups to address it directly on matters of concern where all domestic redoes have been exhausted.

It also hears from signatory countries and may pose questions based on the issues raised by indigenous spokespeople such as those who will be attending the forum on behalf of SOUL.

Funds raised will go towards every day costs while attending the forum.

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Kia mutu te raupatu!

Let the confiscations cease!

Tiakina Ihumatao!

Protect Ihumatao!

We have all heard of Bastion Point. Most of us though are still unaware of a similar struggle to save Maori Land that is being waged just across the Mangere Peninsula from Auckland Airport.

Next time you go to the airport, take the rural road back to Auckland, along Oruarangi Road and around Mangere Mountain. You will pass through a little settlement of Ihumatao, and you will see a number of signs beside the road outside houses: SAVE IHUMATAO; SAVE OUR UNIQUE LANDSCAPE;DO NOT BUILD ON THE BONES OF OUR ANCESTORS. This little settlement of barely 200 people is the oldest community in the whole of the Auckland area. Many people there can trace their ancestry back 27 generations to those who arrived on the Tainui waka. They are a patient, long suffering community, who have faced the injustice of wrongful land confiscation in the 1869s, the destruction of their harbour by the Mangere Sewerage Treatment Plant and the loss of the remaining fishing areas with the arrival of the airport. Now though, they are resisting a fresh attack: the building of a 500 unit housing estate, on the farmland between their village and their sacred mountain, Te Puketapapatanga o Hape, the smallest volcano in the Auckland Volcanic field.

In February, 2015 , young people from Ihumatao formed the group SOUL, calling on the wider community to support their struggle for their ancestral lands.

Story by Farrell Cleary

SOUL is led by a group of whanau residents in Ihumatao and is inclusive of residents, ratepayers, community members and interested parties.

We believe that having a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Ihumatao will not contribute to making Auckland a liveable city, but destroy one of the few significant and unique historical, cultural, spiritual, social and environmental spaces we have left.

SOUL represent over 4000 local, national and international community voices who want and deserve to be heard by both National and Local Government as well as the foreign-owned developer.

Your donation will help us greatly as we endeavor to stop this development!

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All funds raised benefit:

our social justice campagin which includes a range of members from the community

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of SAVE OUR UNIQUE LANDSCAPE on behalf of our social justice campagin which includes a range of members from the community.

  • $5,650.00 donated
  • 90 generous donors

$5,650 donated



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