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Immigration Legal Action Fund

  • Update 27 September 21

      27 September 2021

    We have a hearing date of 8th December and it's now the final push on getting to our target of 50k.

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    • 09/12/2021 by Pawanjit Singh

      Hi, How has hearing been and can you please share updates on it? Thanks for your efforts and taking it further.


      7 August 2021

    To all our contributors we just want to say a huge thanks for getting us to the almost halfway mark in just 5 days. Be sure to let all your friends, family & colleagues know so that we can reach our target. We are aiming to have all funds in place by no later than 1 September.

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    • 10/08/2021 by Manpreet

      Thanks for the update 👍

    • 26/08/2021 by Daniel

      I have donated 100 $ for the labour party campaign. Now I donate against them, hopping in a better investment this time.