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24Jan22 23:35 I'm reaching out to all you supporters & all you sports people. Since the volcanic eruption Tongan diabetes sufferers are even worse off. It is easier for them to give up now because it is so bad in Tonga. Help me please with Tonga's obesity & Type II diabetes sufferers who want to reverse their diabetes like I did in 2021. My ODICE project (obesity & diabetes intervention champion evangelist) started 27 June 2021. Diabetes reversal? Complete Christmas 2021. I know Tongan sufferers can free themselves like I did. Will you help? Just one $NZ1 will help. $NZ5 and over is tax deductible in NZ.

Tonga's suffering will continue for years from the 15 January 2022 huge eruption of the underwater volcano.

Locals can't escape the toxic gases & ash poisoning water supplies and crops. So large scale international aid is already supplying resources including water, food and infrastructure. But every dollar you give us will be used to help diabetics including Type II (19%+ of Tongans) and obese (70%+). Those are 2012 numbers. Projected 2020 Type II levels are 22%. My crew and I will concentrate on these people because there's no specific help for their disease in the disaster relief efforts.

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Alliance Health Plus is a charitable trust registered 10 June 2010. Alliance Health Plus operates one of seven primary health organisations in metropolitan Auckland.

Use of funds

Funds will be sent to Dr Viliami Puloka to use the donations for payment of:

1. Medication issued from his clinical practice to patients receiving treatment of obesity & diabetes

2. Consultation fees

3. Prescription medication issued by the pharmacy.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 25 Jan 2022
God Bless the kingdom of Tonga and all her people.
Alliance Health Plus Trust

Thank you thank you .. for your help.

Alliance Health Plus Trust
Pou on 25 Jan 2022
Praying for you all
Hard Niue Drains
Hard Niue Drains on 25 Jan 2022
Supporting Tongan friends &:family
Ulu on 24 Jan 2022
Thinking of you all in Tonga

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