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INSECURITY made me Choose THEM but THEY destroyed me.....

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I was selfish & had Breast Implants but my body rejected them & I now suffer a horrible illness, Myalgic Encephalitis that has destroyed me.

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Hi, my name is Sheri. I am originally from Colorado, U.S.A but moved to New Zealand to be with my Kiwi husband. My story begins at age 28; I was a healthy, adventurous, backpacking, hiking lover of nature. I worked in Law Enforcement and was even on the Swat team and enjoyed staying active. My friends would often say "do you ever sit?" 😛 I raised 2 beautiful son's on my own and am so Proud of their accomplishments.

I had a good life but after I had children my body image and self confidence was really poor. My body was in the best shape of it's life but I lost my breasts after the boys sucked them dry, lol 😁 This left me feeling extremely self conscience so I decided, like so many women to have breast augmentation surgery (breast implants). I didn't go overboard and went with a comfortable size for my body and went with the "safe" saline implants. I loved them. I felt so good, so complete. What they didn't tell me was the shell that houses the saline is made of Silicone which has high amounts of metals that leach into your body over time.

My first symptoms of breast implant illness (looking back and putting the puzzle together 20 years later) were UTIs, Kidney stones, vaginal pain and fibrostic cysts. A Hysterectomy was done, another huge mistake. No one tells you whats going to happen after implants or a hysterectomy. I wasn't even 30 yet.

It struck me like a ton of bricks and took everything away from me. I was No longer the vibrant, active, fun loving woman I once had been. Slowly I began to experience nerve pain so bad that a slight brush of my arm would cause severe burning, pain in my joints, my glands will get so inflamed that they press on all my nerves causing intense burning over my body. My arms and legs feel like they are filled with concrete and like I'm swimming in pudding. I am exhausted to the core. Some days I can't move. I now suffer from Hemipalegic Migraines (they say) which cause my left side to be paralyzed, I lose the ability to speak as my words turn to mush and my left hand will curl so tight you can't pry it open. I now often use a wheelchair or cane to get around long distances. Exercise makes it worse and fatigues me even more. My poor husband cooks, cleans and now takes care of me.

I have since had to leave my job due to my neurological issues of severe brain fog, migraines, inability to concentrate and do simple tasks. Even typing this out; it has taken me weeks to be sure it's okay) Even though we had a small amount of savings, we were living week to week on our paychecks.

I gained weight taking steroids for years to help my bleeding disorder, was sent to psychologist and so many doctors and specialists; I can't even count. I continued to get more and more run down and sick over the years and in 2010 and ended up with Shingles and Glandular Fever in the same year. I never recovered from the Glandular Fever and I was diagnosed in 2012 with Myalgic Encephalomytitis.

I've spent tons on specialists and doctor visits. Through it all my husband and family have been there every step of the way but it's been made very clear that I have to remove these implants that are making me so sick. I MUST GET THEM REMOVED, I just can't live like this, this body isn't mine, this person isn't me and I want the old Sheri back.

My husband works 70-80 hours a week as a hard working farmer but I am unable to afford at this time the money for the surgery especially now that I'm unable to work. We have occured many medical bills and much of our finances are used for day to day bills. I have been approved a loan for the surgery but I will need to get this paid off as soon as possible. I hope to take off 4 months to assure I have the best chance of healing stress free. I have never done anything like this before and hate asking for help, but I am so desperate to feel better.

I have to be honest and say that last year I had already paid for a holiday to America because my eldest son is getting married. This trip was paid for through our savings and we were only going to have to have spending money which will be difficult at this time. It's a trip that is so very important to me and I am thankful I had the money to pay for this trip then as it would have killed me not to be able to go. I just want to assure anyone who may be able to help that I'm not spending your hard earned money on a holiday. It is for medical purposes and I can provide you with the financial billing if requested. I am travelling to Australia because it will save $3000 in doing so. Unfortunately it was going to cost me $13,000 NZ dollars and it will cost me a little over $10,000 in Australia; that includes surgery, hospital stay, anesthesia, hotel, flights and food.

I can assure you, I am a good, loving, caring and very appreciative person and will pay it forward anything I receive. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and consider the donation. Much love to you...

Use of Funds:

I plan to use the money to remove the implants, this will cost $11-13,000 Kiwi dollars. Anything else will be used to replace my income missed from work for recovery and if I lose my job, I'll use it to pay my bills until another job can be sorted.

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Sheri Lipich-Walters


Hello and thank you for looking at my page and consideration of your donation. Much love to you all.

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  • $2,385.35 donated
  • 10 generous donors

$2,385 donated



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